Insanity: Orcas and San Diego “slavery”

Whales have rights against “slavery.” Horses get “15min breaks” every hour while engaging in pulling a “carriage.” PLUS horse driver must keep written records. Hell, this isn’t truck driving!!  Dogs must have air conditioning in their kennels. Cats may never go outside. All of this is bullshit, but ARs call it that 5 letter word: A>B>U>S>E        This picture describes what we think is happening………..

(we saw this pic on Vigilant Citizen and couldn’t stand not to show someone else, see Vigilant citizen on blogroll, explaining not only propaganda, but even the Superbowl and Mandonna’s 14minutes of orchestrated Iluminati)

WELL………….Peta planned for 1.5 years on how to best bring a !@#%^*! “constitutional challenge” in Federal Court, *barf*  check it out, Kerr is Peta’s attorney…

“This is an historic day,” Kerr said. “For the first time in our nation’s history, a federal court heard arguments as to whether living, breathing, feeling beings have rights and can be enslaved simply because they happen to not have been born human. By any definition these orcas have been enslaved here.” [PD note: OMG and they let this guy practice LAW? Yah, yea, yea, so much bull, you could write an encyclopedia on this idiotic subject]

The issue is not about whether the animals have been subjected to abuse, the defense said. If the court were to grant orcas constitutional rights, Shaw (attorney for Sea World) warned the ruling would have profound implications that could impact everything from the way the U.S. government uses dogs to sniff out bombs and drugs to how zoos and aquariums operate.  “We’re talking about hell unleashed,” he said. 

[PD note: That’s putting it mildly, the dog and fish scenario are nothing….. and it’s more like taking down not only the small USA economy remaining, it would create a complete breakdown of the court system that exists for starters; it would fill every jail, and create the need for more; it would put ARs into the market of labeling, marketing, and enforcing animal rights on a global scale, as if they aren’t doing it already; it would end pet ownership, because Peta considers pets to be “slaves” as we see on Craigslist for years, it would end commerce as we know it, and eliminate property rights since animals are property under the law generally speaking. It would turn animals into NON property and this is the # ONE thing ARs have been trying for, ever since the 12 Steps of Animal Rights was devised…see Blogroll if you don’t know what the 12 Steps are!]

To be very honest, we think the San Diego Fed Court was just being nice and let Peta’s case get heard so they could strike it down. There is no way a conservative town like San Diego is going to ratify constitutional rights for whales in a million years.

We have practiced in San Diego Federal Court, and they don’t play. Most Federal Courts don’t. Peta doesn’t deserve to even be heard if you ask us.  Oh yeah, and don’t forget, in Philly, horses toting carriages have to have a 15min break EVERY hour. Like walking 2mph in 60 minutes is just too DAMN taxing for a carriage horse?  Are they insane?! Guess who wrote THAT law?


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