LiquorLoungeQuestion: is this “animal abuse?”             Answer: If you are an AR– yes–yesss- yesss!!  If you are anyone normal, NO.

Some Good News:  Atty Sarah Conant the former HSUS attorney who got a job at APHIS and went wack job fining bunny owners $3million or whatever, has been moved out of her position as the chief inspector (or whatever they called her position) and now we don’t know for sure what her position is…..Too bad so sad?  Hopefully they won’t put ANOTHER H$U$ person in the job. Then, word has it that PETA-philes were serving subpoenas to dairy farmers trying to get personal/confidential/proprietary info on running the dairies for some PETA-phile lawsuit. We can say one thing, almost all Peta-phile lawsuits, when Peta is the Plaintiff, are worthless. Especially the Orca lawsuit that took them. 1.5years to figure out how to even bring it forward. Don’t waste your time reading it, it’s just the work of wack jobbers. Out.


Oh yeah, to join our animal team (against bad laws and the AR crap) our email is  Our team is growing, and we are looking for people in CA and western states to start, who have suffered harm from AR animal control, seizures, illegal seizures, no due process, complaints by neighbors (untrue allegations) and this sort of stuff. We have a caseload already but we like to know the stories and resolutions.  We have found that most animal owners who don’t have attorneys do not fare well with animal control. We recommend obtaining the pay-by-the-month legal plan such as Legal shield (formerly Prepaid Legal) for about $17/month, you get 24hr access to call an attorney. Even though we are attorneys, we have the plan ourselves. You can’t beat the small cost. Really.

The case with the cat gal attorney (Oakland) who had her cats seized is being defended by attorney Henderson. Another one in Federal Court will be starting soon. It is a big case that had 20 pages on Google and still has about a million hits online.  We have been keeping track of many cases (not just CA) and helping other attorneys.

If you join our team one day we might help you since that’s what we do. We have up and coming top law student, paralegals and other experts, attorneys in crim law, civil litigation, more….. Access to Certified Humane Officers registered in CA, those schooled in animal husbandry, behaviorist, trainers, show people (dog, cat, bird,reptile) and more. It is our belief that we are the only group out there who can say this. If you find another group let us know.

We will police the email for AR trolls and AR hactivist nonsense. We don’t expect many but one never knows.


3 thoughts on “Animal OWNERs RIGHTS —- JOIN TODAY!

  1. thanks– we appreciate it……. if you dont have that prepaid legal plan we recommend u get it. it is state specific.

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