Dog Saved from Lake Bites AR News Anchor on TV

This is a PERFECT example of how AR behavior re  “animals” shows stupidity. When one does NOT know a particular dog, has never been around the dog, and basically knows nothing about such dog, one does NOT kneel down near its face, touch the head or place hand, arm or head (of person) anywhere NEAR the animal’s face—- EVER. This is standard procedure that should be taught to children re dog safety.

Apparently this “anchor” gal doesn’t even know dog safety– which is lacking even with dog owners, but should be key in prevention of bites. In having done years of canine rescue, we found about 50-65% minimum of new dog owners knew absolutely nothing about dog safety.

Dyer was shown petting the mastiff during the segment, then kneeling on the floor to get closer, when the 85-pound pooch bit her in the face. Michael Robinson, Max’s owner, has been cited by Denver Animal Control for a “leash-law”” violation (“because the owner did not have control of the dog at all times”), for allowing a dog to bite and for not having the dog properly vaccinated.

But an animal expert told NBC that Dyer was really at fault… and we would agree. (PD note: If she didn’t kneel down and didn’t touch his face but just offered her hand, fingers curled under, below his head, not above, for dog to sniff, that would have been appropriate; had the dog bitten her hand at that point, we believe the dog should go down)

“Basically, she did everything wrong,” Ron Berman, a canine behavior specialist, said. “She went up to a dog she didn’t know–who didn’t know her–and she either tried to kiss him or hug him or put her face too close to his face. He felt threatened and bit her.”  PD note:  In CA rescue groups ARE allowed to take animals that have FAILED temperament testing IF there is a reasonable belief that the issue can be corrected. The problem is that  AR rescues can take known biting dogs to pimp off, thinking that they are “professionals” when in fact they are not. See story at top of blog re AR rescuer almost being killed after taking a very unsound, medically unfit dog into “rescue.”

Max is expected to be released to Robinson after a 10-day evaluation. Robinson is due in court April 4.

“The dog bite accident that happened today was unfortunate and certainly not expected based on what we knew about the dog and his owner,” Dennis said in a separate statement. “Our goal was to unite the owner with the rescuer for a nice segment. We are all thinking of Kyle and her recovery. We love Kyle and what she and her family do for this community. We also love animals and will continue to do all we can to use 9NEWS to improve animal welfare in Colorado.”

Note: the dog is not a “pitbull” and is not “banned” in Colorado. Dogo breeds have been banned in Aurora and other cities in Colorado, but Aurora recently stopped their ban on such breeds, leaving the “pitbull” generic/mixes of “pitbull” banned.


One thought on “Dog Saved from Lake Bites AR News Anchor on TV

  1. The dog had nowhere to retreat to, gave a warning that is was uncomfortable, and when she pressed the issue, he nipped once and tried to retreat as far as he could. Those are not the actions of an aggressive dog. An aggressive dog would have been pulling to get at the newscaster again. This was a scared, uncomfortable dog.

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