AR Pedigree Brand Axed at Westminster! About Time

A new sponsor for America’s most prestigious dog competition and a decision to  get rid of sad-eyed animals allegedly in need of adoption..which is an AR marketing ploy at best………..No violin music, no crappy 3 legged dogs, no AR baloney, no AR nonsense+propaganda….  Should have been changed years ago.

“The feedback we got from our primary audience was that they were seeing commercials that made them want to turn the channel,” Westminster spokesman and longtime TV host David Frei said Thursday.

Nestle Purina PetCare is the new sponsor for America’s most prestigious dog competition that begins Monday at Madison Square Garden, replacing Pedigree after 24 years. The switch will bring a shift in the tone of the television commercials that drew nearly as much attention as who won best in show.

Gone will be the haunting music and woeful pictures of dogs with pleading eyes wasting away at the pound, hoping to be adopted. Instead, Purina’s main spots will feature dogs running on the beach, catching a Frisbee, frolicking in the snow and riding a surfboard.

Frei said he thought the Pedigree commercials took the wrong approach, backed by viewers who either muted the spots or flipped the channel and didn’t turn back. “Show me an ad with a dog with a smile. Don’t try to shame me,” he said. “We told them that and they ignored us.”

He added: “Our show is a celebration of dogs. We’re not promoting purebreds at the expense of non-purebreds. We celebrate all dogs,” he said. “When we’re seeing puppies behind bars, it takes away from that. Not just because it’s sad, but it’s not our message.” More than 2,000 purebred champion dogs are entered in the 136th Westminster Kennel Club show, with the winner to be chosen Tuesday night.  The commercials air on USA Network and CNBC, which share coverage of the event. About 3.4 million viewers watched last year when a Scottish deerhound called Hickory won.

Pedigree was “surprised and disappointed” when it was dropped by Westminster, senior brand manager Lisa Campbell said. Campbell said Westminster had made it clear in recent years “that we had become too focused on adoptions.” She acknowledged that the ads struck a nerve and said there are other ways to encourage pet adoption. [PD note: You don’t side with the enemy when fighting AR marketing, and you certainly don’t use AR branded products in an effort to appease the AR faction because ARs have NO limits!]

Frei said Westminster has input into the commercials Purina will show during its multiyear deal as a sponsor. He said Westminster had the same understanding with Pedigree, “but things that ended up on the air were not what we were led to believe.”

PD note: Pedigree turned itself INTO an AR brand by focusing specifically on adoption [targeting the market] and it  gives away Pedigree grants and food to rescues. There is nothing wrong with that, BUT dog show dogs, which represent perhaps only 2% of the dogs in the entire USA, are NOT adoption animals, and would likely NEVER BE ADOPTION candidates because of their inherent VALUE. WHY any dog show would even WANT to use an AR brand on their show is beyond us.

People should realize that ARs actually want NO animals SOLD or BOUGHT and have gone so far as to say selling dogs/cats equals “abuse” and “buying” dogs or cats equals abuse, AND there are laws that say one who may buy or sell an UN-sterilized dog or a C.R.I.M.I.N.A.L…

…….. So if buying or selling+displaying  equals criminal abuse (as in CA SB917 law) then why should any competition show, exhibit, animal-related business, retailer, even a “rescue”,  for animals,  promote AR anything? H$U$, Best Friends, ASPCA– do NOT want pet owners, they want “guardians.” H$U$ is probably the BIGGEST enemy of any shelter animal— in the WORLD, next to Peta porn.  Ownership of an animal as property to ARs is a MORAL SIN in their lifestyle, vegan belief book. And FARMERS and any breeder or buyer of any animal have targets on their heads.

“Show animals” had to try and carve out their own frickin’ “exemption”  to CA SB917 law —  and according to the Pacific Legal Foundation attorney–such “exemption” could possibly be found irrelevant as the law is written in CA SB917–therefore it is possible CA SB917 could mean that all displays and exhibits of animals outside could be “criminal abuse.”  But who listens to us?  Hey, it’s just the next AR step to outlawing sale of UN-sterilized dogs+ cats, a law we predicted would come to pass. And it not only happened, it’s already passed in Philadelphia. and  ARs are trying for entire State of Hawaii. We predict Maine, Rhode Island, Vermont, Connecticut, Jersey,Florida and any other small Eastern Seaboard state, plus Colorado, Idaho, Oregon, Illinois, MAYBE EVEN STUPID CALIFORNIA,  to also pass such a law. (The law would amount to equivalent of AB1634 people!) Behind your back, if you will– just an end run around.

H$U$ is the appropriate team for “Pedigree” as branded.   If you are not familiar with “rescue” groups online such as PETFINDER, rest assured, PETFINDER has turned completely AR 100%, they have legal and other information on their site that is 100% AR. Most of it from HSUS, ASPCA, Best Friends, etc.  We know, because we used to list rescue dogs on Petfinder. It has been taken over by ARs and the site was sold years ago to AR owners.

They now work in conjunction with what appears to be crap like Animal Planet AR marketing. It is disgusting. (We know because we have the Petfinder sign for the vehicle, and when we drove up to adoption site, kids ran up and actually screamed out “Animal Planet! Animal Planet!” We don’t like Animal Planet AR theory, which is focused on people who allegedly “abuse, abuse, abuse” and we quit doing rescue. But during the time we did do it over the 8+ years, we learned one hullava LOT about ARs.)

You can also find very very expensive rescue dogs on the national breed specific rescues, like Yorkies and designer mutts for $900.And yes, they are SELLING THESE DOGS but calling it “ADOPTION.” iF YOU ARE GOING TO PAY $1,200 FOR A DOG, JUST BUY IT AT THE PETSTORE BECAUSE AT LEAST YOU GET A GUARANTEE.  Or buy from a local breeder. A rescue dog has no guarantee and in fact they might make you sign a contract to give it back to them.


4 thoughts on “AR Pedigree Brand Axed at Westminster! About Time

  1. Why don’t they show adopted dogs frolicking on the beach, or competing at AKC events, as mixed breeds are allowed to do in performance? Not a smart move to peddle the AR Kool Aid to a crowd that is *mostly* educated about the AR agenda.

  2. We don’t partake in dog shows and Westminster either does or does not allow mixed breeds in conformation, probably not is our guess, we could be wrong. It is also a fact that AR “abuse” law for selling animals exempts show dog recognized breeds but NOT mixed breeds. Now that is typical of AR based law.

  3. Please note: “…competing at AKC events, as mixed breeds are allowed to do in performance…” Westminster is not a performance event, but it DOES take time to recognize service dogs, such as therapy, search and rescue, guide, and military dogs

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