Animal OWNER’S Rights v Animal “Rights” and the Law

The ARs are at it again, this time claiming that debarking to save your own pet’s life would be ANIMAL ABUSE. If your dog barks incessantly and nothing can change it, where debarking is a last resort to save it (so you don’t become a criminal for excess noise)– Rhode Island law claims you are an animal abuser, and therefore a criminal.

And as mentioned the other day, carriage horses MUST have a 15min break EVERY hour in Philly. AND it must be recorded, like truck drivers log their breaks. And they can’t pull carriages if it is above 90 or below 26 degrees. People, this just isn’t stopping. Next thing will be your dog can’t go outside when it’s below 35 degrees or above 90 degrees. Insanity. Again.

Nationwide, the crap is just getting deeper and deeper. We have H$U$ to thank for almost all of it. Same lobbying, they just don’t put it on their site quite so obviously. Same state directors. H$U$ continues to DUMB DOWN THE PUBLIC while the only ones smart enough to do anything (such as animal OWNERS)— DONT EVEN DO ANYTHING.

Show dog owners only comprise a very, very small number of dog owners percentage wise. The rest of the owners, animal related business, animal related product business, pet product businesses, should ALL be concerned enough to work together in stopping ANY of these awful laws.  Yet most owners sit by idly and don’t care enough for their own animals to lift a finger. THAT is why these laws keep going. Because most people don’t know and don’t care. So anyone reading this, please tell all your family ,friends, your facebook and social media people friends, to see or even just this blog, so that people can understand the horror that is unfolding right before their eyes.


As for that idiotic “PETA lawsuit for orcas”, it doesn’t stand a chance in hell of going anywhere at all. Never in 5 million years. We aren’t the only people that understand this.  (we have not verified the story but believe it is as stated and the editor has been in business a long time) AND speaking of AETA, that also is being challenged by former SHAC defendants we think, and a rabbit and a foie gras AR. If you don’t know what AETA is, look it up online.

Not surprisingly, many of the states that support gay rights 100% are the same states that support 100% Animal rights over Owner Rights. We would characterize this as uber-liberal and not necessarily the actual belief of everyone in the particular state (since almost 60% voted for no gay marriage in CA) but Animal Rights is definitely out there. There are groups that claim pedophiles, child porn, beating up women, killing black people, all have “rights” to make their deviant choices. Well we think animal rights (not animal welfare) fits right into that deviant category.

Worshipping animals as if they were actually human, trying to apply the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES to animals is not only insane, it is deviant thinking, deviant in belief, and deviant no matter how you look at it. H$U$ used a convicted felon on dogfighting, Michael Vick, of all people, to talk to inner city black kids about dogs!!! Lord have mercy. It doesn’t get much worse than that, unless  they  get a  pedophile to march into Los Angeles elementary school with only Hispanic students, and have him spoon feed his own semen to the kids while they are in bondage [as in s/m bondage– done by the teacher] That has already happened, people!!  WHY DOES ANYONE LISTEN TO SOCIAL DEVIANTS ON ANYTHING HAVING TO DO WITH LAW????  Stop the INSANITY!!!

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