Internet Radio Talk- Tea Party, Animal Law, Agenda 21

We have been notified that people are chiming in on the Internet radio talk shows because they are MAD, sick of our government the way politicos are running it, and gaining ground on fighting back. We have members that will be talking about SB917 (selling is abuse law) and how it could affect rural animal owners and other owners.–agenda-21–how-it-is-being-implemented

click below to hear the recording from 2/15/2012:

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——————————————————————————————————————————–  The following was sent to us:

The United Nations Agenda 21 – One World Government– Radio show TONIGHT Weds 2/15/12

Diane Amble will be one of our Guest Host for tonight’s Agenda 21 discussion and how the Get Out of Our House (GOOOH) Process is a key part of the solution,  discussing new laws and bills that are sweeping in “codification”, eliminating our rights, due process and ultimately removing our property. One such law is SB 917. Call in (347) 857-4364 at 8pm (PST) tonite (Feb. 15th) and let us know your thoughts! Share and alert us to similar events in your locale.

Are our elected Representatives really this ignorant or have they been strategically placed (elected) for the implementation of Agenda 21?

The U.N.’s Agenda 21 – also known as “Sustainable Development” and “Smart Growth” is being implemented on all levels of government – Federal, State and Local by criminalizing law abiding citizens and seizing their private property under the guise of “Law”.  Every American should be outraged. Every American needs to understand what “Agenda 21” really means for the U.S.A.  It means… more U.S.A.  It means “One World Government” and the U.N. is in charge!

We must elect Citizen Representatives via the Get Out of Our House (GOOOH)  process if we expect to stop Agenda 21.  Nothing will change if we keep electing the same career politicians that have been totally complacent or totally ignorant or totally supportive of the destruction of the U.S.A. in the name of Agenda 21 – One World Order. The deadline is March 12. Don’t like what is happening? Run for office! The GOOOH process makes it easy.


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