3 Way:Porn, Domestic Violence or Whale Slavery?

by Jennifer Budd http://news.yahoo.com/peta-says-abusing-animals-wrong-abusing-women-humorous-195000739.html

COMMENTARY | The folks at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) enjoy creating controversy in the name of animal rights. And they’ve done it again with a new 30-second ad on its website. Unfortunately, this time they’ve gone too far. [PD ..choke..sigh…what about constitutional whale law??? Sex with a whale?]

In this ad, we see a half-naked woman walking down the street in a neck brace and shirt. She appears dazed and distraught. As the voiceover explains, her boyfriend went vegan and, well, the sex was so rough, this is the result. The woman arrives home with a bag of groceries filled with fruits and vegetables. The moral of the story: Vegan men have such powerfully intense sex, it’ll rough you up and you’ll love it.  Personally, after seeing this ad, I’ll stick to guys who prefer cheeseburgers to tofu, thank you.

According to the New York Daily News, PETA claims the ad is “humorous” and supposed to show sex is more wonderfully intense with a vegan lifestyle. I claim the ad is disgusting and an example of how PETA cares more about abused cats and dogs than abused women.

One of the most common myths about domestic violence is that its victims somehow enjoy getting beat up. This is what the PETA ad is promoting. There were numerous other ways to show the same message that sex is better as a vegan rather than to show a woman so beaten up she needed a neck brace. The choice to portray such a violent image of an abused woman is misogynist at best. And furthermore, it is not “humorous.”

“I’ve always supported PETA’s crusade to defend the rights of animals. I don’t eat meat or wear fur.”  (This gal cannot be very bright or even informed, she will probably just switch to HSUS which is worse)….”But if this means making a joke out of women being abused, I won’t stand for it. I’m withdrawing my support for any organization that thinks abusing animals is criminal but abusing a woman (and her enjoying it) is somehow funny.”

PD:  It’s too bad that some people ONLY withdraw Peta membership AFTER they see a Peta-phile STUNT.  The ONLY reason that Peta even exists anymore, is to create over the top crappola purposely, in order to keep them in the limelight. So apparently this writer who is withdrawing her support, doesn’t even KNOW about the PETA PORN SITE.

How WE visualize what’s really happening:

HSUS to PETA:  HEY! Will u put out some really low, denigrating commercial against women or minorities or even Jews to take the focus off HSUS, Agenda 21, our raids, our misrepresentation+excessive lobbying?!

Peta:  No problem!  Since we are going to PORN with our XXX rated site anyway, we’ll get a sex related domestic violence commercial!!

HSUS:  Great just make sure whatever you do, DON’T implicate any animals!! NO SEX WITH ANIMALS, NOT THIS TIME!

NOW– if WE put out an ad which showed FAKE scenes of animal TORTURE or animal maiming you can be sure HSUS would be all over it, especially if we made it funny.  Like we have long stated, the ARs are (unknown to most) following Satanic law which does not outlaw harm to adults (killing is ok) but one cannot consume animals for food (which is a “sin”)  If you don’t believe it, go look up the Satanic law which has 9 laws and is the reverse of the 10 Commandments.

Common sense would tell ANYONE with a brain that the AR movement is not only deviant, it is based on a lifestyle belief which places animals higher than people, and blames people for everything, but gives no credit for anything to anyone —- BUT THEMSELVES.


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