SB917 Bans Sales of Animals at Farmers Markets!

Selling is not animal Abuse!

Anyone who understands that—which is what we have always said for years, should be against CA SB917. It was recently announced that NO live birds or any animals can be sold or given away or displayed at “farmers markets.” According to the words of the Bay Area AR guy Zollman, that runs from one chicken market to another, SB917 (which created PC 597.4) outlaws and puts an end to all live animal sales associated with Calfiornia farmers markets. His group has shut down sales of fowl in SF, Richmond, Stockton and he is gunning for the entire state. 

Blitzed with complaints, the Richmond City Council held a meeting on Sept. 27 to decide the future of chicken sales in Richmond. There IS NO FUTURE! The City Council voted to ban live chicken sales effective November 1, 2011. The city attorney agreed that a new California law, effective January 1, 2012, prohibiting live animal sales in public places, does not exclude poultry. This will allow California activists to attack live poultry markets elsewhere in the state. AR group United Poultry Concerns has actively supported this.

Have you noticed that ARs are continually bringing forward rules and laws that:

ban animals, ban animal sales

eliminate animals, eliminate animals being sold

heavily restrict, license, or tax animal related business

over-regulate animals and animal related owners, claiming that everything is abuse? This is not a joke. Read their laws.


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