SAOVA Also Opposed SB 917

SAOVA is a political organization that focuses on knowing which politicians are AR minded. They know about animal rights and do not like ARs.  Link to SAOVA  Sportmen’s and Animal Owners’ Voting Alliance

Anti-Hunter/Animal Rightist Political Action Committees (PACs)

One of the most effective methods the anti’s have to promote their legislative initiatives against hunting, breeding, entertainment, meat eating, or any other use of animals is through their political action committees (PACs), of which the largest and most visible at the federal level is Humane USA Political Action Committee. Its members include The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), The Fund for Animals (FFA), Farm Sanctuary, ASPCA, Doris Day Animal League (DDAL), Animal Welfare Institute, The Ark Trust, Animal Rights Foundation of Florida, and others. DDAL and FFA recently merged with HSUS, making the latter not only the wealthiest and best organized of the animal rights advocacy groups, but Humane USA’s chief client. A HSUS employee has always directed Humane USA.

In addition, a host of smaller state PACs also network, lobby legislation, endorse and fund candidates. The oldest of the state-level PACs is the extremely active California Political Action Committee for Animals (PAWPAC), which is ten years older than Humane USA. Other increasingly active anti-sportsmen and animal owner PACs include: Humanitarians for Environmental and Animal Laws (Michigan), Pro-Animal PAC of Colorado, Humane/Oregon PAC, Animal Advocacy Connecticut, Animal Protection of New Mexico/Animal Protection Voters, Louisiana League of Humane Voters, League of Humane Voters of New York City, League of Humane Voters of Ohio, League of Humane Voters of Central Pennsylvania, Animal Defenders of Westchester, Humane Voters Council (Washington), Animal Protection PAC (New Jersey), Colorado Humane Voters League, Virginia Voters for Animal Welfare, Iowa Voters for Companion Animals, Minnesota Voters for Animal Protection, Nevada Voters for Animal Welfare, Animal Legislative Action Network (California), and Farm Sanctuary (New York and California).

These groups continue to press their corporate and personal agendas to end sport hunting, limit fishing, federally license all pet breeding, radically change livestock farming and end animal medical research, circuses, rodeos, and zoos. Local PACs lobby and attempt to pass ballot initiatives against hunting and trapping and have had enormous influence on such draconian anti-pet-breeding laws as southern California’s punitive intact-animal licensing ordinance and Albuquerque’s omnibus HEART statute, restricting or outlawing all aspects of pet ownership. It would be difficult to exaggerate how much damage Humane USA and its local affiliates and allies can do to hunting and animal ownership interests, using political donations to pave the way.


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