SB 917 Handouts Are almost Ready!

Despite what is being stated online and via different groups, people WANT to know that selling is considered abuse, but only for “some.” Mr. Santana that issued the printed piece claiming it was to help the rabbit people, did, as we stated, have some valid points. However in general his entire article indicated he has little or no knowledge of AR tactics and methods, and he may be working for the HSUS team since HSUS seems to be very cozy with many Hispanics both in the legislature, police forces, and animal control. That is from delving into the details of cases we are seeing. We hold no racial bias and don’t care about race. Just saying we noticed it, but if true, HSUS should position themselves to fix Los Angeles by stopping the 50% of dogs killed that all come from the one same area, and that area is largely Hispanic. Much has already been written about this in So Cal.

We have been talking with Tractor Supply locally and Agenda 21 related groups, and all of them have shown keen interest in our opinion that the ARs have targeted the rural areas and the rural populations as a huge target.

The shock on the faces of people who hear about SB917 and how it works is amazing. Due to AR propaganda, many city dwellers believe that animals are people and rush to defend AR laws as if they were animal welfare. But when the legal consequences of such laws are examined, the fact is that selling by some people is abuse, and by others it is not abuse. What people do not realize is that CRIMINAL misdemeanor convictions are possible. This means having several dogs outside can end up meaning several counts of conviction. And ARs, as we know, WANT animals seized and forfeited. They get high off that nonsense.

We also know that having such convictions can mean NO animals can be owned for 5 years. If the ARs find you are also committing “abuse” under a DIFFERENT code section (other than PC 597.4) then you get yet another charge against you.  Do not be fooled by the bullshit that it’s only an infraction. The fact is that as applied it can be misdemeanor depending on what you are doing, and who is targeting you. We defend people for a living and believe us, it’s all true. The law is a huge accident waiting to happen and we already know ARs are lining up their cameras and agents just to pop them.

We are seeing very good results in our defense of people accused of abuse. We are helping to work on one of the biggest alleged abuse cases against livestock right now, with illegal seizure. We are making very good headway. We also have a team member working on the alleged abuse case involving “cats.”  Because we  work both criminal and civil cases, and also animal law cases, this gives us a big advantage over just plain criminal law, or just civil law. In fact, very few attorneys in the entire state can probably put together a defense team with as much knowledge as us. This is not bragging, it is the truth. This is almost required these days, given the ARs continued assault in the legislature and against owners.

In addition, as we have long stated, SB917 is being used to stop the sale of animals in farmers markets, flea markets, swap meets etc, even though they were supposedly “exempted.” If you think about it, the entire law is nothing but garbage.


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