No leash,No Microchip+ Selling Pets=Abuse SB917 Warning

We keep repeating ourselves like a broken record. Here is a prime example of what we have to look forward to since SB917 passed………….

The ordinance in Albuquerque NM, another big AR law, likely from HSUS related group, says that, among other things……

Residential owners whose dogs are off leash are guilty of animal abuse, Section 9222

Yard “trash” that might be “dangerous to an animal= animal abuse

A pet store that sells dogs or cats=animal abuse

An UNsterilized animal= animal abuse

A rabbit cage or hutch with a wire floor = animal abuse (floor must be 50% or less wire)

A groomer who does not have a closet for cleaning supplies=animal abuse

Animals without current rabies vaccination=animal abuse

No microchip or tatoo on animal=animal abuse

Advertising any animal for sale using a flyer, handbill, roadside sign or billboard is illegal. (but not listed as animal abuse) [Remarkably they didn’t say that online sales in any form selling animals is illegal but that will be coming next, trust us– they will make a law that selling any UNsterlized animal online is a crime.]

and not surprisingly–the same provision as SB917 is also here: No display, selling, deliver, offer for sale, barter, auction, give away on any street, sidewalk, public park, public right of way, or other public property BUT ADOPTION EVENTS BY RESCUES ARE EXEMPTED.

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