Animal Sales Ban+ Allowed Seizure Law Passed

If you didn’t already know– Banning animal “sales” and only allowing sales of UNsterilized animals is becoming the NEW AR pitch to all states…………it is already IN USE in several (if not more) states! BAN OF ANIMAL SALES JUST PASSED IN CHULA VISTA CALIFORNIA, according to PIJAC.

H$U$ is busy passing bad animal laws in many states but it is slightly more difficult to find the law as HSUS isn’t bragging so much about it as they used to…Laws are proposed for states: CA AZ HI IL IN MD MI MN MO NE NH NJ NY OH OK PA RI SC VT VI WV WI


Allows animal control or peace officer to enter enclosed area or yard, a structure outside of a residence or a vehicle to seize an animal that is in plain view if there is “probable cause” to “believe” that an animal is suffering from “cruel mistreatment, cruel neglect, or abandonment.” Reasonable force can be used to gain access. The official seizing SHALL NOT BE HELD LIABLE FOR ANY DAMAGE TO THE PROPERTY RESULTING FROM THE ENTRY AND SEIZURE.

Trying to outlaw ALL sales of any type of animal at all in SF


When fighting back, legislators often do not seem to really understand that most AR laws have unintended or even bad consequences.  Most AR laws are purposely focused only on the animal , but are set up to cause owners harm, even if it tramples an owner’s rights.  Most people do not understand that when these laws chip away at owner’s rights, it is very difficult to get your rights back without serious legal intervention.



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