15% Rescued dogs, What about the other 85% People BUY?

According to the APPA (American Pet Products Association) there are about 78,000,000 owned dogs in the USA.  During recession, which has been going for years now, the pet industry has still shown small gains every year.

Considering the fact that the recession-depression, gas prices, and foreclosures have hit the middle class and anyone below that even harder than the more affluent, it is not surprising that the “spending” on pets shows a slight increase. People that buy into holistic brands and ultra expensive stuff for pets is not uncommon. (Mostly women)  We have seen owners spend more for food on the dogs than on themselves. and not surprisingly, when people were asked if the economy influenced their pet ownership in any way, 2-5% that answered, said they spent more money than before (which could be due to a number of factors) but 18% of NON PET owners stated that they did not get a pet BECAUSE of the economy.

Also not surprising is that animals are taking the place of kids. Research according to APPA indicated that while black and hispanic segments are the fastest growing demographic, they have a lower than average incidence of pet ownership. We have no idea of how they got that information.

Using the APPA data, if there are about 78m dogs, and only 50% are purebred (50% are mixed) and 15% approx are rehomed, shelter/rescue, that means rescued group are only 11,700,000 dogs.  That means the OTHER 66,300,000 dogs are NOT. Meaning they were bought or they got them from a friend, etc.

Although ARs love to keep harping on maybe 2million dog being euthed ever a year, even if it was 2m, that’s .02% and years ago, used to be close to 18%. So far less animals are killed but according to ARs, we need laws to outlaw “selling” of animals and pets– and even giving away or rehoming. (Like SB917 in CA)

Let’s pretend we closed down all the dogs sold in pet stores, which only amount to about half a million (5%) , and we eliminate the show dog breeders (30%). OK we then have about 35% of the market gone for the average Joe. Then take the mixed breeds (45%) and the amateur breeders (20%) which are sold to people, and take them out. We will assume that commercial kennels are included within the source for puppies.


We have just eliminated 100% of dogs that could be “sold”. But assuming some could be sold (and not sterilized), this would seem to raise the price of an unsterilized dog because according to AR laws now, it is criminal to sell an UNsterilized dog.

That leaves, after eliminating the sources of puppies, the pound, shelter and rescues which are usually “non profit” as the “go to source” for a dog. Since most pounds/shelters don’t have puppies, especially small breed, we can quickly see that the 80% of owners looking for a small female dog are going to be hosed.  Where the hell can they buy such a dog if they cannot be sold? That is exactly the AR plan.  They won’t be able to buy one.

The AR plan is to close that noose around all sources of puppies, so that a negative association is linked to “buying” “selling” and “breeding.” This is done by propaganda techniques, eye candy photos, pathetic looking photos (mostly PETA) and the constant drumming of BUYING A DOG CAUSES A SHELTER DOG TO DIE.

Anyone with any brains can see that NOT all dog go to shelters, and NOT all dogs are killed. About 75million dogs are alive and well, and some do end up dying. But the ARs have turned the PERCEPTION of what is actually the truth, into the exact opposite so that people actually THINK that 70% are being killed, and 30% are living.  That is just plain bullshit.  And, because buying a shelter dog is supposed to be “politically correct” –especially in Southern California, the movie stars don’t want to rock the boat and say they don’t want a shelter dog. Even Jennifer Aniston got herself a “pitbull-boxer” mix dog recently. There is nothing wrong with that, as long as she knows what she is doing with a dog.

However, MOST movie stars don’t have a clue about REAL animal rights as many of they buy right into PETA and HSUS. They are all millionaires working in movies and don’t have time to read anything (unless it’s about their movie or their tabloid escapades)… they don’t even realize that Animal Planet is AR.

What is never stated by rabid ARs– is what could communities do to eliminate the unwanted TYPES of dogs that are never bought from shelters? After all, if they are going to be killed due to no demand, it makes sense to have far less of them. And those dogs are normally mixed breed, male juvenile dogs, breeds unknown, and yes, some may be looking like generic “pitbull” even if they are not actually that.  So if the poor pitbull looking dogs are never taken, or the shepherds are not taken, and communities dont want to kill the dogs,  only two ways to solve it. One- target the areas they come from, and two– the mobile spay should be there all the time.

It is a known fact in any state, that shelters with the highest populations are in the lowest economic areas. This has always been the case. You don’t go to Beverly Hills and Hillsborough and find thousands of dogs in the shelter. Even in high rent areas, you don’t find huge numbers of shelter animals. In fact, there is almost nothing to choose from in their shelters. The DEMAND for certain type dogs will NEVER stop.

Therefore, those wanting to buy certain types of dogs should NOT be forced to only get something from a shelter or rescue. Many of them try and find out they cannot even find one, or they figure out they are actually buying a commercial kennel dog (we have no aversion to them) which is being resold. We know what happens in dog rescue because we did it for nearly a decade. You don’t rescue dogs that no one wants since you will only be spending money and time and not placing any animals. Rescue’s goal is to get homes, not save handicapped dogs. Rabid AR rescues will save up and even hoard dogs, and then the dogs start fighting. We are not in favor of hoarding to save.  It’s easier to stem the tide of those types that people will not adopt, and that is a supply-demand situation that will never change.  Now if the shelters would just understand that and stop listening to HSUS crappola about killing everything and not selling anything, that would be a plus.


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