AR Hot Topics: Abuse,Forfeiture,No UNsterilized Pets,No Pet “Sales”

As we have long stated, like the broken record over and over, the AR Propaganda train seeks to CEMENT into law, these subjects:

(1) “Animal abuse” by making people THINK that “abuse” is so rampant it’s on every corner, it’s in every parking lot, it’s in every backyard, it’s in every pet store.

We won’t divulge the facts we have but trust us it ain’t what they are telling you. Not even close. Most attorneys have never handled any animal cases in their lives. Not even public defenders.

(2) “Forfeiture” of your Animals… by making everyone believe that you will LOSE all of your animals, and your $$$ because you won’t be able to afford an attorney AND you will never own an animal again because you are unworthy.

Now in California, this might be true, except the worthiness part about owner. AC does charge exorbitant storage fees due to the complicated setup of preseizure forfeiture. It’s complicated and even judges do not interpret it correctly at times.

(3) UNsterilized Pets……..Forget MSN, after AB1634 was rebuked, ARs devised the plan to eliminate the sale of animals by claiming it is abuse to sell animals, or display them.  They rather used subterfuge to devise SB917, which pools the wool over most people’s eyes since they can’t see the problem with the law. Then Mr. Diego Santa, Esq.,  issues some baloney handout claiming that no rabid ARs can cause your animals to be seized via exigent circumstances without proof. WRONG WRONG WRONG, A THOUSAND TIMES WRONG.  They can, they have, and they indeed do that very thing as indicated by the many bad raids, planned raids, and forfeitures all over the states.  In FACT, H$U$ Sheltering magazine says that the Pet Expo will be discussing how  “PLANNING A LARGE SCALE SEIZURE”  Ya got that? S.E.I.Z.U.R.E.  goes along with “Forfeiture.”  Hello??? No one mentions anything about something worthy. WTF– it’s H$U$. [BTW we added the F.E.A.R forfeiture site to the Pages area (above blog picture] and just in case you didn’t realize it, most animal forfeiture law is patterned after criminal Federal law on seizure. and in tracking who visits our site, we see that 31 “large” businesses are there, and some of our visitors are from Washington D.C. Interesting.


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