Animal AG Alliance Shows Smarts on Animal Rights!   some of the data is from 2010 but nevertheless, all true………………..

WHITE PAPERS Statement by the Animal Agriculture Alliance Coalition: Agriculture’s Commitments to Animal Well-Being
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Notice—-Pet Defense Stands Behind  Pet Sellers, Ranchers, Farmers, Breeders  Pet Stores  Reptiles and Bird Sales!!  We don’t for one second, believe that “SELLING ” BREEDING   BUYING  DISPLAYING  SHOWING  ADVERTISING.. is either illegal, immoral, or “animal abuse” yet we just showed you the law in Albuquerque, NM  where in one form or another, those things are either animal “abuse” or illegal on some other basis. People must realize that working together is the answer. How to do it?  DON’T work with ARs and DON’T believe any AR laws even if they look or appear innocent.  ARs spend 20% of their time thinking up  bad AR laws and 80% lying about how they will work. The 80-20 rule.


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