Pretext+Precedent for More Seizure CA SB917

The California Federation of Dog Clubs and the USSPCO [United States Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Others, 501(c)(3)], Pet Pac lobbyist Bill Hemby, Outdoor Heritage, SAOVA, rabbit groups, ACLU, defense attorneys, judges groups, farming and agriculture groups, and many others have all OPPOSED and registered opposition to SB917 in the past. However, the legislature did not necessarily post such listed opposition.

Nevertheless, the Circle-the-Wagons campaign to fight SB917 has begun. This will require a lawsuit since the legislature bought into the nonsense of the allegations by animal rights, the legislature does NOT care if a law is constitutional or not, they do not CARE if animal rights takes away the rights of others.

In last version of the law, pet stores were exempted. As we can see, this was done in preparation for pet stores NOT being allowed to sell any commercial kennel dogs, but only being allowed to sell “rescued, rehomed,shelter” animals. At least that’s our opinion.

The California Federation of Dog Clubs will be producing the write up for the campaign literature to take down SB917 law, and helping to get the word out. Please help by telling everyone you know, passing the info forward. People do not understand how bad this law IS because they tend to think in terms of how it would affect “them” — rather than WHY it actually sets a huge bad legal precedent. Bad legal precedent is exactly what we DON’T want to happen. ARs WANT this to happen. Part of the 12 Step AR goal. We are certain H$U$ was gloating when they passed SB917.

Pet Defense is actually the only site online [that we know of] for past four years, which is done by attorneys who know what is going on with animal rights, but from a NON animal rights standpoint.  We believe animals are property, and this law harms both owners and animals!

No divisive arguments.

One Focus * One Team * One Goal


IMPORTANT:  Just  A WARNING/ information, test postings for Circle-the-Wagons on Craigslist have met with the exact expected result— ARs flag the ads off. This leads us to believe that ARs will be using Craigslist to set up owners trying to rehome animals, then report them to Animal Control.


We believe that the United States has come to a tipping point where the small faction of zealots that push animal rights, the money that pushes animal rights, and the propaganda of animal rights requires a united front for owners.

This cannot be done by lobbying alone, since the legislature is inundated by animal rights lobbying. Animal rights money, animal rights politics. We need PEOPLE.  We have already gotten agreement to access all the data for owners from PetPac.  However we will need to have a large enough server in order to send out more than 165,000 emails and more.

With the new cases having toppled H$U$ legally:   U.S. v Stevens -U.S. Supreme Court; the violent video game case in CA– U.S. Supreme Court; the Feld Entertainment [Ringling Bros. Circus–Federal District Court, appeal lost by AR groups, civil RICO charges filed against H$U$, ASPCA+ some attorneys], the downed cow law in CA– [at United States Supreme Court, and expected that U.S. Supreme Court will find for meat packers, not H$US]… these are ALL WINS FOR NON ANIMAL RIGHTS LAWS. The Stevens case and the violent video case are on this blog in PDF. Feld Entertainment is on

It does not matter about the subject so much but rather that H$U$ fueled those cases, helped write the legislation, and courts found those laws unconstitutional, or pre-empted by Federal law.  In each one of those cases, H$U$ tried to link “animals” to something else (porn, violence,safety) in order to substantiate the cause for the law. In each case, it failed when tested by the high court.

When H$U$ has been downgraded to a D (as in DOG) from a former “A-” which H$U$ used to brag about–we are seeing results. When H$U$ is pursued by the IRS for excessive “lobbying” that is a marked effort [thanks to attorney Frank Losey]— against H$U$, who then revamped their entire online SITE.

When H$U$ is now targeted by large groups in farm and agriculture, and also by— we will be getting somewhere.  The credibility of H$U$ must be decimated. The truth about H$U$ and its marketing lies must be exposed. The truth about animal rights is that it is solely based on “beliefs” not facts, not law, not truth.  Just vegan beliefs and the animal rights 12 steps.  In other words, bullshit.  Why mince words.

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