Ownership and the Killing of Dogs

Petdefense has been advised that a Champion dog was killed by law enforcement.  Orig published 2009….

A UKC dog Champion. Female.

This is not about a search warrant, lawful arrest, probation, or anything related.  When law enforcement believes they need to just take a gander up to your property, and have no actual reason to be there, then why are they there?  Why does one shoot a dog in the head and then when it tries to run away (not toward the shooter),  the dog is shot numerous more times, and then no incident report needs to be made?  This is what happens when HSUS +people like Kory KKK Nelson, lead both District Attorneys and law enforcement to believe that every dog must be either doing something illegal, or is intact or “dangerous.” Yep.   See how H$U$ and friends set about the task…………… http://bluedogstate.blogspot.com/2009/08/hsus-and-aspca-filling-pit-bull-burial.html


What kind of society is Animal Rights creating for owners?  When HSUS (H$US) does dog raids, kills them all, then we find that Louisiana law claims that ANY dog alleged to be a “fighting” dog is considered “contraband” and can be instantly killed?  No trial, no nothing.  Ask any attorney if that is “constitutional” and they will all tell you: NO.

Why are people listening to the likes of H$U$, ASPCA and Peta, et al, when all they do is promote deception for  the public, but claim they are doing the right thing?  How do anti-animal laws like the ones pushed by H$U$ in California (all 6 of them) —- get passed by legislators, when they are blatantly either illegal, or are nothing but money pit laws that cannot be enforced, and then they criminalize LEGAL conduct? 

Such as AB1122- claiming they can criminalize  selling  an animal? AB 1122 became Sb917 in 2011 and was passed for 2012, making selling an animal into a crime of animal ABUSE……..But if a humane society does it, it’s legal?

Why are the sales of animals criminalized as “ANIMAL ABUSE” ?????

Why are the sales of animals by shelter, rescue or humane groups—NOT abuse?

Why are H$U$ and related groups allowed to take FORFEITURE PROCEEDS from alleged dog busts, when they are the ones that testify against defendants, owners, etc, so they can TAKE THE PROCEEDS?

Why do legislators allow these types of laws to even pass, despite public opposition?

We will tell you why……..because the AR campaigns have made idiots out of non thinking people.

The public, the legislators, the people who run animal control. They have all been bamboozled by the AR mantras, the AR lies, the AR deception, the AR misrepresentations.

Stop denigrating other advocacy groups, stop telling people not to donate money to other advocacy groups, stop claiming YOUR group did ALL the work, stop issuing press releases that claim YOUR group did all the work. NO ONE GROUP DID ALL OF ANYTHING.
Petdefense probably knows more than most of the groups out there, and most groups don’t even employ attorneys. We aren’t talking about “politics.”  But that’s not the issue.

The issue is that one-upmanship and stupid statements that people put out there (like Gina Spadifori, the pet connection blog) only HARM the fight to preserve rights.  Notice we did not say preserve the right to breed an animal. We said RIGHTS.  As in constitutional law, as in interstate commerce, as in discriminatory and facial issues with many proposed laws. As in civil rights. 

One does NOT work with H$U$ in the belief that “working” together will provide solutions. Absolutely not. ARs are not even mentally balanced, and it would not be possible to “work” with AR groups on laws that are detrimental to ownership, period. No dice.

Spad does not help our cause, but she is free to trample other people’s efforts, because this is the USA. However, she is definitely a walking Animal Rights sympathizer that wants everyone to know, she is a “good” breeder because she fell for the AR trap of “good” vs “bad”, as if there were only the 2 sides as touted by AR la-la land idiots.  Ya have to be stupid to buy into AR land crap, because it is based not on facts, but pure fantasy emotional ploys.  Animal welfare is not Animal Rights. But the legislature believes it is, thanks to the AR con job. We will say it a MILLION times if need be.


Here is the direct quotation from the Animal [Rights]Law Cases and Materials

”  If indeed the property status of animals

 were to be abolished,

what would be the legal and practical effects

 on the commercial use of animals?

What would happen to the animals themselves–

should they be put in sanctuaries,


or permitted to move towards extinction?”

===> If you didn’t understand what Animal Rights is doing, that one phrase ought to get you there   <===

Every single LAW designed by HSUS and friends

is designed to take DOWN the

property status of animals.

MEANING–if animals are NOT property—-

you cannot OWN them. If you can’t OWN them, you can’t SELL or BUY them.

If you can’t buy, sell, breed, use, work with, or employ animals in a business (farm, products, food, etc) then exactly where do you think the USA will be in the economic realm?

You are looking at the destruction of interstate commerce.


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