Can You Convict the Cat Seller..under SB917? SB1500?

Before you hoot or holler about the picture, be advised we saw it online from 2007 and figured it works into SB917 pretty well.  …Now, there is a sign indicating that there is a cat (obviously) and it is “free” (obviously) and although we don’t see anyone offering the cat for free, pretend that someone was just walking by the sign and an AR tried to say this person violated SB917.  Besides the burden of proof, what other questions would be needed to convict this person?

1.  Were you meeting someone there to sell ..a eh umm  maybe “give” the cat away on the private strip of grass belonging to the dealership, which is at the back of the dealership?

2.  Who placed the sign in the position shown in picture?

3.  Was the cat alive or is it still alive?

4.  Were you trying to pretend the cat was alive? Or did it suddenly have a heart attack?

5. If the cat was and is alive, were you planning to hand it over to the buyer i mean taker,  right there on the spot?  do you have any evidence of that?

6. Was the buyer or person taking the animal– in fact,  animal control who answered your ad,  and who told you to come out to this place to give her your cat and– was that when you saw the sign AND the cat in the street? and in the confusion of the moment did the cat you brought spring from your arms and then another person who just happened to be standing there shouted out “animal abuser!! ANIMAL ABUSER!!

7. and did you not,  in fact, get convicted  charged with  TWO counts of criminal abuse under SB917 for misdemeanor level crimes, subjecting you to the forfeiture of all your animals if you had any, restitution of $2,197.39,  no ownership of any animal for 5 years; and after being acquitted by a jury for 2 counts of animal abuse, and one additional charge under PC 597, did you then have to prove your ABILITY and   financial wherewithal, housing status, bank account status, and employment status — because Ted Lieu’s law SB1500 forces owners to PROVE they can take care of animals EVEN when acquitted by a Court?  and that there is NO return of an animal or animals if one does not do this correctly or to the AC’s liking?

8. So tell us, why did you bother to have a trial?

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