Horse Seizure Done Wrong, Claim Filed v County $3.9m

We maintain the right to accurately present news and facts which are public, in public records, and in court files. Although we like to play with words and demean ARs, that is our opinion. This story is factual and is not exaggerated. You will not find this data in news reports because the same people feeding the news reports are often the people who don’t want facts to be known. And YES this case has been spread around the world by ARs that don’t know their head from their asses. And YES this case partially involves attempting to use the “Henneke” BCS method which has been publicly reclaimed by Mr. Don Henneke himself due to ARs using the sytem improperly for their own purposes.

Living with Laminitis (has Henneke info shown)

Here we have a good example of a case (amped up with illegal seizure) gone horribly wrong. According to public documents filed, a bank attempted to avoid non judicial foreclosure (which is standard foreclosure in CA) for reasons that are questionable. In so doing, the owner of horses was asking the County for help to place or even give away some horses due to the high cost of feed and abandonment of horses by owner(s) who did not pay board or feed costs.

The bank somehow entered the picture hands-on, and seized horses months after owner gave away some horses, and apparently the county failed to adhere to the AR law known as PC597, 597.1 ( SB917 is chaptered as PC 597.4)  So anyway– even though no animals were left, a SWAT team with heavy artillery and hard take down instructions on raiding the owner’s place show up. And guess who fed the animal control and the District Attorney’s office with tons of information, going so far as to even put it on a flash drive? Like becoming the servant to the District attorney, or trying to act like the District Attorney…and then putting personal denigrating comments out there on that awful creature known as “Facebook?”

and guess what “rescue” in el Dorado Hills took the horses???? and guess what rescue used the horses as a fundraising tactic while issuing a home made video implicating owner as someone who killed horses when he is not charged with killing horses, but now they claim it’s “hoarding?”

This is a very political case as the “rescue” is linked both to the bank and the county AND HSUS as HSUS supports the horse group and even has online crap about them working on events. That might be why the claim is $3.9m? The case is in Federal Bankruptcy Court (owner), Lassen State Court (owner, banks, receiver,Lassen County +many others) Orange County State Court (banks, rescue, Lassen County+Receiver), and Third District Ct. of Appeals in Sacramento (same as Lassen) now.  Appeals Ct. just notified the parties to submit the underlying record and then the briefing schedule will be set up.

3 thoughts on “Horse Seizure Done Wrong, Claim Filed v County $3.9m

  1. This whole story is just that….a story. Full of holes and misinformation. Good job on the crappy reporting of the truth.

  2. Any evidence you have which proves otherwise, bring it. Otherwise, why bother. Talk is cheap.

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