To HSUS: We Don’t Forget Your “Warrant” SEIZURES!

No, we don’t forget. With HSUS claiming they engage in over 5,000 seizures PER year, and with the 2012 “Pet Expo” having lessons in “planned large scale seizures” which is plainly announced in HSUS “Sheltering Magazine” (issue March/April 2012)……….LOOK closely at WHAT WAS USED TO ESTABLISH PROBABLE CAUSE FOR A WARRANT.

Once HSUS or their cronies seize your animals, it’s very UNLIKELY you will see them again (the animals) in the same condition. If and when you get them back, they will invariably be WORSE off.   Most of them are warehoused out to various groups or left to sit in pounds with sick animals. Regrettably, many pounds allow sick animals to stay with non sick animals.

This is why shelters are sued in California under PC597, the exact law that holds all owners/keepers to same “abuse” standards. Of course, as we keep repeating like the broken record, “non profits” have been exempted in SB917, despite the obvious Penal Code that mandates no exemptions for anyone as to abuse.  No one sees this (well, we do along with our group)– but since the act of selling in and of itself cannot be “abuse”, selling and given away is only “abuse”, practically prima facie abuse— ONLY for those who are not non profit realistically.


HSUS’s strategy all along and across the board is to lower the bar on what constitutes probable cause.

Joe’s video (YouTube links below–image captures here courtesy Pet-Defense) shows John Goodwin questioning the Woodalls as to their dogs’ bloodlines and registry. Goodwin is anxious to establish pedigree and registry, alone, as proof of “fighting” dogs.  [PD note: Look at how close the idiot is to the dog’s face. Oh yeah, that’s DEFINITELY a fightin’ dog. Please.]

Here’s Goodwin gingerly examining one of Joe Woodall’s dogs — a dog which showed no trace of fighting, was in excellent physical condition and showed the exuberantly people-friendly, “correct” temperament for an APBT. The poor dog could have no understanding of what Goodwin’s gloved hand placed on her head meant. She was seized a short time after Goodwin’s examination.

How low can you go?

But looking at the search warrant application for the Woodall home and property, I have to wonder how much lower the court system can sink.

The remarkable document indicates that the search was based on-

A. A phoned-in tip to a private, non-governmental security firm from an anonymous source.

B. Alleged references in an “underground” magazine of no known veracity — one that ceased publication more than four years before the Woodall raid.

C. The presence of tethered “pit bulls” at and near the Woodall home.

and last, but not least. . .

D. “Independent information” provided by a convicted felon. The informant’s statement constitutes a confession to yet another instance of felonious activity, but he can’t remember the details of the event he reports because, he testified, he was too drunk to know where he was.

All the justice money can buy

I’m wondering how many pockets were lined by HSUS in putting together the “probable cause” for the raid that ripped apart the Woodall home and nearly killed their dogs.

For the record, the “dogfighting paraphernalia” found in the Woodall home consisted of dog collars, a couple of ropes, veterinary supplies for the treatment of eye and ear infections, a few magazines. . .and the videos Joe had made of his own dogs.

And his dogs, of course.

People—- when complaints are phoned in by people that don’t like you, or AC sees your ad in the paper or online, or AC does a sting operation—- in California the preseizure forfeiture is complicated. and it is exceedingly expensive. We have actually been victims of Animal Control’s bullshit in the past, which is how we learned exactly how they operate. They love to “bust” people, trying to find anything on which to write a ticket, seize, or otherwise make your life a living hell.  For example, we had 5 dogs in the yard because they were being shown the next day for a rescue event. However only 3 were over 4 months old–but Animal control wrote up a ticket that 6 (six) dogs were seen! Puppies are not counted as dogs! The limit in the jurisdiction is 5 so clearly they wanted “kennel violation” violation.  Trust us, they did not get away with it. However, if one is not an attorney and not decidedly staunch in their views against seizure–we can almost guarantee—you will LOSE your case.  That’s how bad animal rights is.



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