HSUS and Agenda 21 Geared to Taking Rural+Ag+Animals


[A]s described, the global industrial food system lacks resilience. It is
highly concentrated, linear, and, as a result, fragile, less able to deal with
system shock. In reports sponsored by the United Nations, the World Bank,
and the Global Environment Facility (GEF), they recognized that, “Effective
adaptation will require significant evolution of the current market-based
drivers and the institutional incentives that set directions for agricultural
knowledge science and technology. Innovations in policy, infrastructures
and the ‘rules of the game’ to focus greater attention generating and delivering
public goods . . . will be needed.” (p. 4)31 Our food system is driven by
an industrial economic model that abhors inefficiencies and redundancy. It
centralizes decision making and concentrates rather than redistributes
wealth. Over the last several decades we have seen the growth of large
packing plants, confined animal feeding operations (CAFOs), and national
distributions centers. Instead of promoting a food system (and associated
socio-economic system) that will be better ability to withstand and adapt to
the predicted shocks of climate change, we…

PD: Everything below has been sent to us, and it has been slightly edited due to space. For those surprised at the huge increase of guns being sold, this may be the wake up call as to why………… Do not ASSUME that Agenda 21 is NOT here. It is, because the facts show it is. You just saw it in the above link.  HSUS, unfortunately, has enough political clout to be able to affect politicians, legislators and the like, into buying into their agenda. As proof, we need only to look at HSUS and what it does.//

—————————————————-Curtis Bowers, CA Representative exposing the socialist supporters behind this effort to destroy America:

If you have never heard of “UN Agenda 21” please research this very dangerous threat to America. On 16 Jan the Republican National Committee unanimously voted that they recognize that UN Agenda 21 is real and that it is a very dangerous threat to America and they oppose all efforts to implement agenda 21 in America.

A great series of videos explaining and exposing the local and state level threat of “UN Agenda 21”: http://www.prisonplanet.com/life-in-america-under-agenda-21-with-whistleblower-charlotte-iserbyt.html

You might find that the e-mail below will help you to put all of the pieces of the puzzle together: The NRA is either supporting and defending our U.S. Constitution and our rights or they are working in clandestine effort to assist in destroying our Constitution.

I know you may not have heard about UN Agenda 21. But have you heard about the attempt to make it illegal for teenagers to work on farms and ranchs? What about shutting of the water to the Central Valley to save a minnow? What about the proposal by Barbara Boxer to sell Federally owned land across the midwest to “pay down” the debt? That will destroy the ranchers running cattle on this open range land that George Soros, Ted Turner and Warren Buffet are just waiting for this bill to pass so they can buy it. What about the “fast and furious” gun scandal? What about the NDAA? What about the wolves in OR, MO, ID, WA, WY and now CA? That are destroying the sheep ranching industry?

If you’ve heard of any one of these policies and proposals then you HAVE heard about at least one piece of UN Agenda 21. All of these things are actually connected through the people trying to implement the policies of UN Agenda 21 in America. I appreciate your time today and want to “thank you” for reading through this e-mail and for working against this UN Agenda 21 policy. But please become fully aware of UN Agenda 21 it is so much more than one policy and we must expose and stop ALL of it.

[ l]aws that are being passed giving “rights” to our livestock and destroying our Animal agriculture industries are clearly unconstitutional. There is NO NEED TO COMPROMISE WITH THE HSUS OR OUR GOVERNMENT OR EVEN OUR NEIGHBOR ON HOW WE CARE FOR, HANDLE AND/OR HARVEST OUR LIVESTOCK.

Animal protection laws are all based on opinions and one person or even a majority of people do NOT have the authority to have law enforcement officers sent out to create situations where the officers may kill a human being using the excuse of protecting animals because some arrogant jackasses think the purpose our government was founded was to defend animals even if it means killing humans.
I hope you’ll be open minded and objective enough to make a difference in the political situation our agriculture industries across America are facing today.
I would ask that you watch the attached “UN Agenda 21 for dummies” and the “wildlands project” videos before reading through this e-mail.
You must have a basic understanding of the organization behind this globalist effort to create the “new world order, one world socialist government and their ties to the “UN agenda 21” doctrine to understand and in truth to “believe” some of the things you’re about to read.
Curtis Bowers, CA Representative exposing the socialist supporters behind this effort to destroy America:http://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=grinding+america+down+extended+trailer&mid=74249CD6E3D8D1FE92F874249CD6E3D8D1FE92F8&view=detail&FORM=VIRE1
 Here in Oklahoma most farmers and ranchers that the UN Agenda 21 will destroy are registered Democrats so the people referrenced in the video by Curtis Bowers above came into OK and have integrated themselves with the Republican Party. They are now using the principles of Sal Alinsky discussed at the meeting to become the leaders within the county political party, guide and influence these people within the party into your agenda. Become the delegates at the District and State Conventions and own that political party within your state.
Wildlands Project now called Sustainable America project: http://www.bing.com/videos/search? (click link)
Obama’s implementation of Agenda 21 policies by executive order: http://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/DCPD-201100431/pdf/DCPD-201100431.pdf  the sad thing is many establishment Republicans support UN Agenda 21 also.
The court cases referrenced below may save you some time in your research and the information below will assist you in understanding the truth of the HSUS’s hidden goal.
The truth about the Humane Society of the United States-  HSUS
PD note: It is our opinion that referencing the collapse of America refers to weakening the financial status, food supply, political outlook, and the politics of what is acceptable in regard to the environment vs the citizens, not necessarily in that order.
Former UN Secretary General Maurice Strong called on the United Nations to “cause the collapse of America”.
Maurice Strong is a board member of the HSUS and founder of the “Agenda 21” a forty chapter document laying out the proposed policies for their agenda which is designed to achieve Maurice Strong’s goal to “cause the collapse of America.”
Maurice Strong advocates using non-government organizations like the HSUS to incrementally implement the policies in the agenda 21 proposal at the state and local level to ultimately achieve his goal to “cause the collapse of America”. Wayne Pacelle President of the HSUS is using misguided Americans that the HSUS propaganda machine has intentionally lied to and misled to destroy America.
Any elected official that is NOT working to repeal every piece of legislation that the HSUS has ever brought about and/or supported is negligent in their duties and supporting Maurice Strong’s efforts to “cause the collapse of America”.
Some people within our government are working along with Maurice Strong and the HSUS attempting to “cause the collapse of America” by destroying America’s agriculture industries.
Gestation crates for pigs laws in FL, CA, OR and ME have destroyed the swine farms in those states exactly as these laws were meant to do. http://www.pigprogress.net/news/pig-farm-video-rouses-housing-discussion-in-usa-3655.html
The Endangered Species Act (ESA) was used for the protection of the Delta Smelt minnow in CA resulted in shutting off the water to the Central Valley in CA which destroyed the agriculture industries and the economy of the entire valley exactly as it was meant to do.http://blog.friendseat.com/endangered-two-inch-minnows-cause-trouble-for-ca-farmers
The ESA protection of the Sand Dune Lizard is meant to destroy the Oil Industry across West TX, NM and portions of OK.http://www.mywesttexas.com/business/oil/article_e7f32d45-fab8-5025-afa9-26a00d768910.html
Prop 2 and the HSUS attack on the Poultry industry is meant to drive many of the smaller producers out of business and add costly measures to all poultry producers in CA which will drive up the cost to consumers and eventually destroy the agriculture industry.http://www.farmanddairy.com/news/california-bans-gestation-crates-hen-cages-which-state-is-next/10456.html
In the 1980’s the Spotted Owl was used as a test case to decimate and try to destroy the logging industryhttp://www.scu.edu/ethics/publications/iie/v4n1/homepage.html which was soon exposed for the environmentalist and animal extremists garbage that is truly is and the policy was drastically revised http://www.nytimes.com/2007/10/18/us/18owl.html

The ESA illegally reintroduced wolves into the Northwestern United States and the ESA protections of wolves in the eastern U.S. have worked exactly as planned and designed by ensuring the wolves would grow to such numbers they would do exactly as the policy was meant to do = destroy sheep farmers’ flocks economically damage the cattlemen and the cattle industry in the broader effort to “cause the collapse of America”. Northwestern U.S. http://www.capitalpress.info/content/AP-Wolves-kill-sheep2-082809 ,,,,,,,,, and in the Northeastern U.S. http://www.care2.com/news/member/285806679/901456

John Corzine head of the failed MF Global which “misplaced”$1,200,000,000.00 testified before Congress that he is “most sorry because this will hurt so many farmers and ranchers” exactly as this program was meant to do = cause the failure of our farmers and ranchers and “cause the collapse of America”. I watched portions of his testimony and Jon Corzine specifically stated “farmers and ranchers” during his apology. http://agriculture.house.gov/pdf/hearings/Corzine111208.pdf those words were conveniently left out of this printed version on the official government website.

The US Department of Labor tries to make it illegal for people younger than 16 to work of farms and even limit what those younger than 18 may do on the farm to destroy many of our agriculture industries and “cause the collapse of America”.http://www.farmfutures.com/story.aspx/labor-department-offers-child-labor-proposal-10-52740
The Federal government’s argument to regulate dust created from farming was another attempt to destroy America’s farmers and ranchers and “cause the collapse of America”. http://video.foxbusiness.com/v/1163749703001/epa-considers-regulating-farm-dust/
Oklahoma Attorney General a lawsuit to stop EPA usurption of state’s rights 10th amendment over haze. All of these efforts are a united agenda to destroy America’s last remaining industries and ultimately “cause the collapse of America”.  http://newsok.com/oklahoma-ag-files-suit-against-epa-over-haze-plan/article/3572978
The laws instituting animal rights across America today are really designed to achieve Maurice Strong’s goal to “cause the collapse of America”. These laws are not meant to “save animals” That is clearly indicated by the laws the HSUS push for criminalizing the Gamecock Harvest industry (chicken fighting) as indicated when the chickens are killed by the animal organizations after every raid.  PD:{Same as when HSUS kills all of the pitbulls–claiming they are contraband in Louisiana………}

If Americans would take the time to learn the truth and read the “Agenda 21” document and understand the real agenda of the HSUS “to cause the collapse of America” most Americans would never again donate to the smiling liar named Wayne Pacelle and the HSUS or support their legislative propositions or proposals to create legislation and laws.

Of course in most cases our legislators are selling out our Constitution to well-funded special interest organizations (like the HSUS) that then donate large amounts to their campaign funds. http://www.fbi.gov/oklahomacity/press-releases/2011/ok033111.htm

In the last few years many laws are being publicly exposed as unconstitutional. 
 The issue of animal welfare is controversial and subjective to personal moral opinions but personal moral opinions have no place in defending Constitutional rights.
Please read the article exposing the HSUS below and like I’ve told everyone before, do NOT give 100% of your trust to organizations that are compromising away your constitutional rights by working with the HSUS.
              The people behind this effort knew this was their ultimate goal many many years ago and they have infiltrated the leadership areas of many of the very Agriculture organizations that are supposed to be defending our rights against the HSUS,  and instead the people they’ve placed in these leadership areas are dividing us and are working for the HSUS’s Agenda 21 efforts and selling out our rights and in truth assisting in Maurice Strong’s stated goal “to cause the collapse of America”.http://www.nebraska.tv/story/16230772/farmers-union-defends-work-with-controversial-humane-society
Nowhere in our Constitution does it give the authority for our government officials to play God and bestow “rights” to animals and then use the rights they awarded to animals as an excuse to make raids and arrests that create a danger to and destroy American Citizens lives using the excuse of defending animals. 
Do NOT compromise away your constitutional rights to the animal rights extremists of the HSUS, there is NO reason for any livestock producer to discuss animal care/welfare with these organizations. Animals do NOT take precedence equal to and/or above our constitutional rights (human lives).
Summary of  court ruling: (we did not attach)
Kentucky = animals are property and the government cannot seize the property (animals) of the owner and force them to pay a caretakers fee and/or kill them because they must be able to return the property in the same condition as they seized it if the accused is found “not gulty”.
Proposition 8 = moral disapproval is not a adequate basis to deprive men and women of their constitutional rights.
Spann = The government must PROVE a “significant governmental interest” in infringing on constitutional rights and if they must, the government will do so in the least intrusive manner.
The HSUS is one of the non-government organizations promoted by former UN Secretary General and HSUS advisor and board member Canadian Maurice Strong and his stated goal “to cause the collapse of America”.
And that is why they’re trying so hard to make all of the animal cruelty laws felonies….. the UN Agenda 21 supporters within our government know that the majority of rural Americans are gun owners. And we make up a large percentage of America’s animal owners. If the animal right extremists of the HSUS can successfully make all animal cruelty laws felonies then rural people convicted of animal cruelty become felons. (Of course one can become a felon even if not living in rural areas but HSUS “large planned raids” are often in rural areas. HSUS Sheltering magazine even states in their note re the Pet Expo 2012, that they will have meetings to discuss ” planning large scale [raids]/seizures.”)
Our Sheriffs and our legislators have the power and the authority to stand against this agenda and stop it if they have the courage. In truth, I hope and pray that our elected leaders find their integrity and honor and have enough courage to stop supporting this agenda and return to upholding their oath to “support and defend the Constitution…”

One thought on “HSUS and Agenda 21 Geared to Taking Rural+Ag+Animals

  1. We all know how that radical muslims want the whole world muslim&living like seventh century Arabia! however they beleive in animals&eating meat&other animal products! However these UN agenda 21 socialist/communist/humanist/atheist think us common folk cannot have anything to do with any animal-“period”! Man has always had farm&domesticated pets since earliest human history! Now these agenda 21 radical-freaks wants it totally illegal&banned! Don’t they know that relating to animals is a form of therapy&healthful to all humans? Add the fact that the nuclear&extended family will be done away with! The human race is entering a dark rough sea of social uncertainity! A society without heteralsexual stable marriage/children/extended family, add no pets or farm animals&not seeing wild animals how can this benefit the new world order-globalist,agenda 21 society?

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