HSUS, Ag, 4H, and Animals…Is Trouble Brewing?

American Agri-Women Speak!

Pd prediction:  HSUS has infiltrated enough farm bureau hi-ups and legislators. Trying to influence 4H by pandering to them and getting them to support the very laws that will end up taking them down, because 4H sell their livestock for reasons such as slaughter. This is shown by 4H  allowing the HSUS to attend anything that 4H does. For right now, HSUS AR laws are giving 4H “exemptions” in many laws.

(Will HSUS try and say that eating bacon will cause you to die earlier?)


Below is link and data from same…

HSUS Influencing 4 H?+ more? pg. 7….

The U.S. Department of Transportation
recently announced that it would
reclassify farm vehicles and implements
as “commercial” vehicles and require all
drivers to hold a Commercial Driver’s
License (CDL). Applicants for a CDL
must be at least 21 years of age, submit
a medical record and complete driving
record, pass rigorous written and driving
tests, and many more requirements that
farmers and ranchers just can’t meet.
Fortunately, in a press release issued
afterward, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety
Administration announced that it has no
intention of proposing new regulations
governing the transport of agricultural
products. Farmers who voiced their
concerns earlier this year prompted
FMCSA to initiate a review to make
sure states do not excessively enforce
regulations on agricultural operators and to
ensure consistent access to exemptions for
farmers. (This dovetails with laws to not allow teenagers to work on farms)

No regulations will be proposed
for any new safety requirements or changes
to the rules governing the transport of
agricultural products, farm machinery, or
farm supplies to or from a farm.
I just thought people should know how
ridiculous it would be to have all of these
requirements for farm families where most
of us learned to drive a tractor long before
we had a driver’s license!

As many of you know, I am a huge supporter
of 4-H and feel that it shaped my life from
being a timid schoolgirl to a teenage leader.
Because of this, I continue to be involved
in 4-H and hope that my three-year-old
grandson will have the opportunity that both
his mother and father had.
I noted recently that JCPenney stores are
raising money for youth programs like
4-H, Boys and Girls Club of America,
YMCA, etc., through a program called
“Pennies from Heaven,” which will
be used to help improve after-school
programs. [Pd: Is JCP supporting HSUS?]

Well, we bought Hereford cows from
Penney’s Emmadine Farms in 1953 and I
have studied the man over the years. He
was the son of a preacher and founded his
company on “the Golden Rule,” so I do not argue with what JCP is doing – but when you learn more about 4-H on the website– that is when I am concerned.

In a box it says: JOIN “The Revolution of Responsibility.”

There is a story with the headline “My hog started a revolution,”which tells about a young girl saving her money from showing hogs and now she can buy a house at the age of 18.

Where are the pennies going? Locally,
where collected, or to Extension in
I am bothered by extension’s new theme,
just as I was concerned when they
included HSUS in the DC conference a
few years ago “to hear another point of
view”. Get this: 4-H is “a movement for
positive change in every community in
America. 4-H youth are a living, breathing,
culture-changing revolution for doing the
right thing…”   [PD note: would that mean sterilizing every living breathing animal? Stopping the raising of animals for food?  Forcing food growers to only use the “sustainable” type of food such as whatever HSUS claims is HUMANE??? ] 

Congressman Dennis Cardoza (D-CA)represents the Central Valley of California and four of the five counties in his district rank in the top ten agricultural-producing counties in the state, based on the market value of products sold. Ranking member of the Livestock, Dairy and Poultry subcommittee, Rep. Cardoza also has been active in supporting specialty crop growers.

 “Rep. Cardoza also has been a champion for regulatory reform,” continued Wilson. He has been vocal in taking on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and made headlines in March 2011 when he grilled EPA administrator Lisa Jackson on the agency’s lack of concern about the impact of its regulations on agricultural producers. Comparing the agency’s zealousness to “judicial activism,” Congressman Cardoza called EPA’s activism a burden on farmers with extreme regulations which seriously impede their ability to produce food for the nation.

“I believe your agency is the most
unpopular agency in farm country, from sea
to shining sea, bar none.” said Rep. Cardoza.
“Farmers and ranchers know that a champion
in the show ring refers to an animal that is
close to perfect in breed character, appearance
and desirable traits. In humans, however, the
definition extends beyond physical characteristics
to ‘an ardent defender or supporter of a cause.’
The 2011 winners are great advocates for
agriculture and we appreciate their efforts very
much,” Wilson concluded.


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