Elitist Breeders TEAM UP With H$U$… Pathetic+ Plain Stupid

Some AKC people sleeping with the Enemy………….Stupidity never stops….. BUT HSUS is taking advantage of dumb people who break ranks in order to claim they are salvaging themselves. Yes, at the EXPENSE of every other pet owner.

HSUS *gag*  announced last month that it will use a “Breeders Advisory and Resource Council”  allegedly composed of “responsible dog breeders” from across the country.  Alleged  “council” members will advise HSUS on dog health and welfare issues, and talk to the general public about what constitutes proper breeding practices, promoting the health of the parents and the puppies.

Hell, like you “NEED” anyone to advise HSUS on that?

Anyone reading these words, take our advice. RUN as fast as you can and do not become involved.  It can only lead to worse laws such as in Louisville where they did the same thing.  They “worked” with HSUS probably like they did in New Mexico where a dog without a leash or fence means “animal abuse.”  Or in Philly where horses NEED 15m breaks every hour if they give carriage rides. We think we’re gonna be sick. Would you volunteer to carry Holocaust victims into the oven?  Would you have your child use a known molester for his/her babysitter?  Are you insane? If you were on a cruise ship and HSUS was there do you really think if the ship was sinking HSUS would be looking to save YOU?

HSUS is NOT the government but by ALLOWING HSUS TO DICTATE ALL RULES AND LAWS CONCERNING ANIMALS AND CRIMINAL LAWS CONCERNING PEOPLE–YOU CAUSE YOUR OWN DEMISE BY WORKING WITH HSUS AND ARs IN GENERAL. HSUS is accused of IRS regulation violations, violating RICO (Federal racketeering), illegal seizures, illegal raids, illegal killing of animals, wiping out entire populations of animal pounds because “they can”, devising ways for people NOT to own animals, using religion to solicit money from churches, failing at the United States Supreme Court at least 3 times within the last 2-3 years?

People simply do not understand PROPAGANDA. Propaganda will say that all Hispanics are gang people.  All blacks are on welfare. All Indians are alcoholics. All Asians are gamblers on opium. All Jews are tight on money. The list is endless,

YET we see HSUS making “mills” the centerpiece of their campaign as the generalized TRUTH that “ALL” breeders are “LIKE THIS.



 We would back Hunte and Petland in any game vs HSUS because people keep forgetting one major fact. Commercial kennels are legal. If they were made “illegal” that would be different but we doubt that will happen except if HSUS bullies down more government officials.  Do you people even KNOW about the lawsuits HSUS filed against Hunte and Petland that were thrown out? Probably not.

The “Council” and HSUS posted info for alleged buyers and a “How to Identify a Responsible Breeder Checklist.” The primary alleged goal of HSUS is to allegedly promote animal adoption.

 Then we have the pandering propaganda from the master prop himself, saying  “For too long, large-scale commercial puppy mills have given all dog breeders a bad name.

UH–NO, HSUS gives all breeders the bad name. On purpose.

HSUS then devises the “snag-a-breeder” and the neighborhood kid watch to snitch off people, $5k “reward” for dogfighting? 

But HSUS—-after trying to sue Hunte and Petland and not getting anywhere, after losing 3 (three) United States Supreme Court cases, after being downgraded as to the efficacy of their fund raising to a “D” as in DOG, after being accused of RICO violations in their 9 year lawsuit with the circus people ( RICO case is still going) which will bring treble damages (meaning 3x the amount), after having the IRS in the background supposedly checking the excess lobbying that HSUS has been doing for years, after HSUS passes a law in CA because the CA legislature is too dumb to know illegal when they see it (SB917) where “selling and displaying for sale” is called animal abuse but not if HSUS or ASPCA does it.…………..WELL……………..the pandering propaganda just doesn’t work for us, and any breeders stupid enough to WANT to work with HSUS is:

1. Idiotic, and selfish, not caring about anyone except their own dogs

2. Old, lacking intelligence, and short-sighted, unable to discern the truth about HSUS AR beliefs or ignores them and is a pansy

3. Just plain doesn’t care about anyone but themselves because they actually think that working with the largest AR group in the world will work, when in fact, you may not be singled out, but you are just as bad as the politicians and legislators that are bought off by HSUS. And Spadifori blogger who pals with J. Fearing is one of the worst. Disgusting.

You who would work with HSUS,  are either too weak to maintain your own individual liberty and th0ughts, or you can be categorized as those who joined up with Hitler to massacre people because of race, propaganda, and elitism. You don’t think that those people were LED to believe a race should be exterminated?  Of course they were led. Just like Pacelli leads everyone, just like Ingrid leads people.  Only a demented person would buy into HSUS garbage. Of course if one is already AR, that is to be expected because they are wack jobs.  We think that elitists in the show fancy are wack jobs when they join up with HSUS. It’s called sleeping with the enemy and it has repercussions.

More pandering propaganda: ” breeders speaking out against abusive operations that treat dogs not like loving family members but like a cash crop.” OH PLEASE we think are gonna barf!!!    And here we read that breeder kathryn mcgriff says we can’t sweep puppy mills under the rug.

We have news for elitists and ms mcgriff….. Alleged “mills” are legal. There is not even a legal definition of a mill, but even if there were,  Hunte and Petland lawsuits have proven that….. HSUS cannot win lawsuits against them.   A commercial kennel is not new. A commercial kennel is legal. HSUS keeps pretending that EVERY commercial kennel is abuse because HSUS makes laws which say SELLING AND GIVING AWAY IS ANIMAL ABUSE.

HSUS tries to make it so no owner can get an animal back (if seized) by making the cost prohibitive, AND claiming that even if acquitted by the Court, one still does not get the animals back and must PRE forfeit the animals!!!

Just make sure you (HSUS+ friends)—  don’t profit from RESELLING the animals you seize. DONT use the animals as a marketing tool for whoring off your dogs that you got FREE.  Now THAT’S abuse. HSUS abuse in hiring Vick and the many other awful scenarios HSUS has done, even the outright illegal seizures, killings,outright illegal raids, even Nathan Winograd faults HSUS repeatedly. Because HSUS is a lying sack of crap fronted by a glib used car salesman who knows how to pander his propaganda. Responsible breeders who have brains would NEVER help HSUS. Never.

No wonder the United States has sunk to an all time low, low, low level. People do not think anymore, they watch TV and listen to AR Animal Planet.

NO TAKERS HERE.  No amount of $ money $ could buy our participation.  The wolfie might want to take a bite out of someone’s propaganda though.


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