SB917 Penal Code–Strung Out Like Bad Mortgages

This is one of the best sites on current mortgage issues, SB917 problems are right below that.

Here We Go Again

another stunning year

January 7, 2012.

The system continues to crumble. “House prices have fallen an average of 33 percent from their 2006 peak, resulting in about $7 trillion in household wealth losses and an associated ratcheting down of aggregate consumption,” according to a Federal Reserve White Paper that Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke provided to the chairmen and ranking members of the House and Senate banking committees on January 4, 2012. It states:

“…the large inventory of foreclosed or surrendered properties is contributing to excess supply in the for-sale market, placing downward pressure on house prices and exacerbating the loss in aggregate housing wealth. At the same time, rental markets are strengthening in some areas of the country, reflecting in part a decline in the homeownership rate. Reducing some of the barriers to converting foreclosed properties to rental units will help redeploy the existing stock of houses in a more efficient way. Such conversions might also increase lenders’ eventual recoveries on foreclosed and surrendered properties.”

Thank you, Chairman Bernanke, for those snappy remarks. Deploy means to move troops into position for action. Maybe your troops can establish base camps filled with barracks to deploy the millions of families who were marched out of the “existing stock of houses.”

Bank of America’s CEO Brian Moynihan earned $2.26 million in 2011, while his bank’s market value dropped 60%. Chase CEO Jamie Dimon took home $41.9 million — the most among bank CEOs — for steering a bank that lost 23% of its stock value in 2011. Goldman’s Lloyd Blankfein pocketed nearly $22 million, while his investment bank lost more than 46% of its market value. You gotta pay top dollar to lose money at that rate.

Compensation pools at seven of the biggest U.S. banks totalled about $156 billion (including salaries, benefits and bonuses) in 2011, which is 3.7% higher than the record breaking number set in 2010. Truthout January 2, 2012.

Bankruptcy attorney Max Gardner’s prediction for 2012:

The number of homes in foreclosure will double or triple from 2011 levels and home values will drop by another 15% to 20% by the end of year. I do not expect to see any real recovery in the housing market until at least 2022. A massive number of bank-owned homes (Real Estate Owned or REO property) will be turned into rental properties by the banks and/or mortgage servicers and many more foreclosed on homes will be sold in bulk sales to investors for the same purpose.

Bank of America will be forced into liquidation under the too big to fail provisions of the Dodd Frank Act. The FHFA as conservator of BoA may impose the Chapter 13 principal reduction program for all loans owned and serviced by the Bank.

Santa Barbara has not escaped the housing collapse. Consider the Old Masini Adobe in Montecito. Almost 200 years old, this vintage piece of history is considered to be the oldest 2-story adobe. Built in 1820, this Monterey Colonial is a historical landmark situated on 3/4 acre on 129 Sheffield Drive. Originally listed at $3 million, then reduced to $2.5 million, it sold at the end of 2011 for $791,000.

Notices of Trustee’s Sale recorded in Santa Barbara County:

2007-2011: 10,946
2002-2006: 880

Foreclosures in Santa Barbara increased 12.4 times in the most recent five years compared to the previous five years.


These facts show that many homeowners (who are pet owners also) lose their homes and probably cannot even afford their pet any longer. Then we have to listen to the HSUS crappola about how they do 5,000 raids per year and every breeder is a “PM” taint–when in FACT it was/IS  HSUS that taints ALL breeders, sellers, and anyone who believes that selling an animal is not animal abuse.  HSUS drafted SB917–don’t forget that fact. 

In fact we had an argument over that issue, with SB917 being placed under the penal code. Criminal atty says placing the same law under a different code section (say health and safety) would still cause same result. That one could be punished for 5-10 year loss of no animals.  The other attorney believed the 5-10 year was attached only where prosecuted under the penal code. Assuming worst case, if the code (SB917) had been placed elsewhere and still have the same result, that would mean any code can be placed under any CA Code Section and then refer to the Penal Code for added punishment. Usually you see the codified setions, say the DMV regs in one area. If they specifically refer to other areas, which they sometimes do, they usually are within the same type of regulation. Federal law is very big on naming other code sections strung together, so you have to keep looking up all the separate codes (they don’t cite the names, just the numbers.)

If you look at the preamble in the Chaptered version of SB917 you notice there are many other codes they mention before getting to the dogs/cats section. Yet this bill was supposed to be about “PM” issues and “abuse” but what it actually does is squelch poultry sales or any small animal sales at Farmers Markets and probably elsewhere. Even though swap meets were exempted, for example, Santa Cruz has a swap meet where all dogs are barred completely. All animal sales of any type are barred. In other words don’t bring your animal to the meet and don’t buy one there.

Also, this isn’t related to outdoor locations necessarily, but Ebay “free” classifieds allege that they run with HSUS which we knew (just from reading their crappy HSUS “information” for pet owners) and guess what?

HSUS information TELLS buyers and sellers that one should go directly inside the seller’s residence and for sellers, that they should invite buyers inside. AND if that isn’t possible then don’t buy and sell the animal; they also mention KILLING the animal BEFORE trying to find it a home because it MIGHT not be possible to find it a home for various reasons. WOW. Great advice from a group that claims to like animals. They also warn people that they are watching the ads and will report people they find suspicious. That means the free classifieds is basically a BREEDER SNITCH LIST and people should notify HSUS if they buy a crappy animal. They don’t even have to say it. It’s obvious.


One thought on “SB917 Penal Code–Strung Out Like Bad Mortgages

  1. Sometimes CEOs are paid for losses they avoid. The bulk of all home losses were caused by the terrible Dodd-Frank bill that forced the banks to sell to unqualified buyers. Those buyers thought that they would ride appreciation and then sell before the bust and come away with cash. They lost that gamble.
    The problem with them owning pets came not from unaffordability, but from inability to find a new residence that would allow them to keep the pet. Still a horrible situation, catastrophic tomany people and animals.
    This SB917 is a horrible bill, that can be stretched to cover any instance in which those wish it to be applied. We need to arm ourselves with legal representation and funds toresist. Just arming ourselves via the 2nd Amendment is a last, but possible, resort.
    God Bless the USA with some reason before it is too late, like California.

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