American Bully Shot Dead by Gun Owner with “Chi” Dog

When a dog is not on leash, and is a “bully” dog, owners beware………a guy walking his “chi” dog, carrying a concealed weapon (with a permit) shot the dog, a “bully”– which is known to be a lower slung, more bulldog type, heavier weight, slower, and more bulldog than terrier. Notice the width between the legs, heavy stocky body.  Now we do not know this dog owner or the bully’s owner, or the dog itself. (Video link-pic is below)

But any guy who owns a chihuahua and has a gun and walks the dog around, could be (not saying for sure) looking for any dog off leash so he could shoot it. After all, Kory Nelson out of Denver CO did claim publicly that any “pitbull” running loose should be shot in the street. Kory Nelson has also claimed that groups which try and stop BSL (breed specific legislation) are “straw men for dogfighters”– and we all KNOW that is nothing but HSUS propaganda.

Years ago, Nelson had his own Yahoo groups re Pitbull dogs, and he purposely solicited other municipalities telling officials that using “Home Rule” could enable them to get out of their State’s law which might not allow them to ban pitbulls. Nelson also called the American Canine Foundation (which helped bring the Tellings v Ohio case forward) nothing but “a strawman for dogfighters” which is pure bullshit.  In fact, one of the key experts in ACF has testified in the United States Supreme Court case U.S. v Stevens, which is a huge case re “depictions of animal abuse” drafted by HSUS as “crush film” law, which was COMPLETETLY STUCK DOWN BY THE SUPREME COURT ON FIRST AMENDMENT GROUNDS.  So don’t ever think that just because someone likes pitbulls makes them bad people.

When you don’t realize that dog patriots and advocates have done their share against HSUS, trust us, they have. That loss by HSUS in the Supreme Court is one of the best cases against HSUS and unconstitutional law. HSUS can get unconstitutional laws passed quite easily, especially in CA. For example HSUS passed their “downed cow” law in CA several years back, and THAT law was also PREEMPTED by Federal law already regulating hogs and their viability when they refuse to walk into the areas for transporting on the way to slaughter.  HSUS “downer” law claimed that the pigs who stop “walking” must be “humanely” killed IMMEDIATELY– and not sold.

Apparently it is the hogs nature to refuse to walk if it doesn’t want to do so, and has nothing to do in most cases, because of inability to walk. HSUS claimed they knew more than the animal husbandry people, vets, and ranchers/farmers, and that if it was not walking it should be killed. Obviously HSUS is not only insane, they are predictably going to push issues like obtaining Orca whales constitutional rights. When that was done (by Peta) it makes HSUS look just a tad better since they only try to eliminate sales of dogs, cats, kittens, puppies, horses, goats, all livestock, all birds, all reptiles, all fish, all of anything that is an animal.


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