Hating on Roosters and AR Buy-in on Chickens as “Pets”

If we hadn’t heard it in person, we wouldn’t say it. But we heard it and will say it.  While paying at the checkout, the kid (probably 18yr old male) says YEAH I don’t know WHY chickens are so popular.

Then he says, “And I don’t know why ANYONE would ever want a rooster. They are so MEAN!!” Then another clerk puts in her 2c and says YEAH the chicken people were on tv because they seized all their chickens and now they’re in a refuge because a bunch of them were all dead!!!

Now this conversation is by non-educated, minimum wage workers that apparently buy into whatever HSUS is telling them.  THEN at the Tractor Supply, the quickest cashier looks at the chicks (which were  not Ameraucanas, but probably Easter Eggers) and says she doesn’t know what kind of chicks they are because the lot of chicks is mixed.  There were only two kinds left in the chicken corral, Easter Eggers and what appeared to be White Leghorns. The other gal says the chicks come in Wednesday and by Saturday they are all sold. They make you buy half a dozen, no doubt because HSUS told them to do it. *wink*  Then in Sacramento, they finally relented and allowed city or county citizens to have a few chickens, but only 3 hens, AND they must be licensed, AND they must wear legbands, AND they have a licensing fee every year as a PET. NOT livestock. A pet.  You show us where it says in any code that chickens are called pets.

Does that infer that poultry houses are filled with 3 million pets? Should those poultry houses be disallowed because the pets don’t have enough room? Would you like to pay $8.00 a dozen for some eggs? With a cherry on top?


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