CA Agri Business: Wake Up! HSUS= Factory Farce

California Farmers NEED To Wake Up–Don’t Fraternize with HSUS!!!!!  AR HSUS is like never really goes away!

(Animal/kids/family pics LINK at bottom of post)

MO Dog breeding Vote ‘wake-up call’ for Farmers

By ALAN SCHER ZAGIER, Associated Press – Mar 20, 2012

MONROE CITY, Mo. (AP) — A 2010 ballot initiative to toughen oversight of dog breeders highlighted the rift between Missouri farmers and national animal rights activists. Two years later, the divide has only deepened.

Twenty-five farm groups ranging from the Missouri Pork Association and the state Beef Industry Council to agribusiness heavyweights Cargill and Monsanto have united under the banner of Missouri Farmers Care.

Their target? The Humane Society of the United States, which pushed the dog breeding initiative and is now the primary financial backer of Your Vote Counts!, a proposed state constitutional amendment requiring a three-fourths majority vote before the Legislature could override voter-approved laws.  (HSUS hates losing!)

That’s just what lawmakers did last year, reversing many of the new rules for dog breeders endorsed by a slight majority of Missouri residents just months earlier. (and heavily influenced by HSUS)

Farmers’ anger was on full display at a recent Missouri Farmers Care meeting in Monroe City, 20 miles from the banks of the Mississippi River and half that distance from Mark Twain’s birthplace in Florida, Mo.

Vehicles sported bumper stickers warning HSUS and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals to “get your paws off our laws.” Missouri Farmers Care flyers set on a table said, “Their goal is to end animal agriculture by increasing the cost of food and even through outright bans.”

Activists view animals as “cuddly, furry things, not what we use to make money in livestock operations,” said state Sen. Brian Munzlinger, a Republican whose district includes 13 northern Missouri counties dominated by hog farms and grain elevators.

“They weren’t going to stop at pets,” he added. “They’re going after all of our farm animals.”

Rural lawmakers such as Munzlinger have headlined a recent series of Missouri Farmers Care town hall meetings across the state. From Clinton and Harrisonville to Salem and St. Joseph, hundreds of farmers turn out twice a month for political rallies that bring together soybean growers, dairy producers and other agricultural groups that more often have focused on their own narrow interests, said Dan Kleinsorge, the farm group’s operations manager

“Prop B was a wake-up call for agriculture,” he said.

Farm groups in other states also are heeding the call, Kleinsorge noted, as HSUS and other animal rights groups target not just Missouri but two dozen states that allow signature-driven petitions to appear on ballots

and another one………………………..  (see excerpt below)

“The right of farmers and ranchers to engage in modern farming and ranching practices shall be forever guaranteed in this state,” she says. “No law shall be enacted which abridges the right of farmers and ranchers to employ agricultural technology, modern livestock production and ranching practices.”

Pfeifer says HSUS wants to eliminate accepted farming and ranching practices “with the ultimate goal of getting rid of animal agriculture all together.” She couldn’t say, however, who decides what a modern farming practice is. “Things that we’re doing right now: those are modern practices that are acceptable,” she says. She said a constitutional amendment must be broad so it can be open to interpretation if it needs to be. “If, at some point it’s decided this practice isn’t what we should be doing anymore, and they (decide) let’s move to something else, then the new thing becomes the modern practice. It allows for those kinds of things.” But she couldn’t say who would decide.

She says the right-to-farm protects the rights of farmers of all sizes and types to operate, whether smaller, organic producers, or larger conventional producers…. [see more at above link]

Mar 23 2012

Nebraska Update: Farmers and Ranchers Show Their Pride  (click to see pics of animals/kids/family)

We had to laugh when HSUS started its “We Are Nebraska” campaign a few days ago. An anti-agriculture group claiming to represent an agricultural state? Puh-leez.

From what we can see on HSUS’s Flickr steam, only two farmers and ranchers have submitted photos supporting HSUS’s campaign, including one who’s on HSUS’s state council. (Gee, what happened to all those 51,000 HSUS “members” in Nebraska? Maybe they don’t exist……..


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