The Factory-Farce: License Livestock as “Pets”

We suggest you look at this  because they talk about the case in CO where rabbits could not be consideredas livestock and HAD TO BE CONSIDERED AS PETS.  Just because people aren’t raising the livestock for FOOD does not mean it is a PET.  However, we admit, we don’t practice regularly in CO (also licensed in CO Fed Court )

SANTANA’S AR STATEMENT   This is the handout devised by Atty Diego Santana from So Cal. YEP it is an AR statement because it indicates that ARs would need exigent circumstances to SEIZE. But we know ARs seize things all the time with fake representations, no exigency, and claim everything is abuse when there is no abuse. NOW THAT IS ABUSE. OF THE LEGAL SYSTEM.  In fact right now we have a case which claimed exigent circumstances when there were NONE and animals were not even seized for about a month. Some exigency. No warrant either.

It is no joke, HSUS appears to be targeting Hispanics in Animal Control, the legislature, and more. Even the Hispanic attorney that volunteered to “explain” his position re SB917 in his own handout, for “rabbit breeders” clearly shows he buys into HSUS propaganda, but he knows nothing about animal rights.

But unknowingly in Sacramento, the ones that pay to license their chickens have become part and parcel of the HSUS ambition to rename livestock into pets. It’s a factory farce way of life in HSUS territory.

Who would have ever thought that a horse pulling a carriage needs a 15min break every hour? Who knew that the ambient temperature inside for a dog kennel cannot be below 45 degrees or above 75 degrees?  Who realizes that selling an animal outside means “animal abuse?”

And now it’s  pretty obvious. No animal sales outside, or at Farmers Markets, Swap Meet, Flea Markets……..Oh, you say they exempted swap meets and flea markets from SB917?  Tell that to the owners, who are making regulations themselves, for their own businesses. No animals and no animal selling. Except maybe if you are “non profit.”

3 thoughts on “The Factory-Farce: License Livestock as “Pets”

  1. Carriage horses in my opinion don’t belong on concrete, suffocated in smog, blinded by metal and glass man-made structures, and deafened by the cacophony of city noise, for the purpose of human entertainment.

    I believe the word games between “animal welfare” and “animal rights” aren’t getting to the truth, they are circumventing the truth by polarizing the issue, rather than dealing with it maturely. Whether it’s USDA, HSUS, or a zillion other acronyms, none of this has to do with animals. They’re just objects of human projections, scapegoats, and will continue to be until people grow up. The simplest of people such as Aboriginal tribes for millenium never owned animals. They were free. So were the animals. They behaved responsibly. They were for the most part extremely mature and balanced cultures.

    They were called “barbarians”


  2. we don’t agree but then this is the USA. Ownership in the USA
    gives certain legal rights. Obviously we believe in it.

  3. I think a decent way to beat HSUS & Co., the living dead, at their insatiable trust fund baby I Want Everything Because I’m A Raging Parasite game would be to have large groups, communities and real grass roots orgs “co-own” their animals. That makes it a bit tougher for them to single out targets to bully, harass, undermine and destroy.
    I agree with you here and there, and disagree here and there. I very much like your articles (still reading them) regardless of any personal differences we may each believe with some things.

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