Dog Bites Teen, AC Does NOTHING………..

We were notified by a person present at the scene………..3 teenage females were walking down the street on the sidewalk in the local neighborhood, when a dog jumped up over the stone wall fence and bit one girl. We have a picture, the AC didn’t bother to take any pictures. But the neighbor did. The dog has gone after the neighbor before.

This girl did not provoke  the dog and the owner was sitting on the front porch. The kids did not have a working cell phone so a neighbor (we know the neighbor personally) called 911. AC shows up and what does he say?

“We can’t take the dog in because HE WOULD HAVE TO BITE ANOTHER PERSON FIRST.”

The dog has consistently been a predator of killing cats and going after people. He has scaled the fence and been running loose. He has jumped up at many people passing by and he lives in a house located directly across the street from a school. The dog is large in size and known for being aggressive to people.

Tons of the kids at the school have complained about the dog. When he went after a small cat, he didnt have his current rabies vax. Just for those who think the dog is a pitbull, it is not a pitbull. BUT if it was a pitbull, they would have taken the dog in or maybe even shot it.  According to the law in CA, the dog’s behavior has already categorized it as potentially dangerous; it would seem the AC could figure that out.

So when you see ARs that keep claiming they want to save dogs, this is the type they apparently love to save. They can’t even do anything except wait until he BITES ANOTHER PERSON. Then maybe adopt it out again in a mall that takes only “adoptions?” 

Below…….typical AR bullshit.


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