Devore Shelter Killing Dogs Again?

Animals being killed on purpose, when rescues want and will take them, Devore  shelter personnel throwing dogs into truck?  The Devore Shelter has long been a big problem, as many stories of dogs being killed, maimed, etc. have circulated widely.  We had spoken to a key person involved before the lawsuit was filed and thought the problems were fixed.  Apparently not. We don’t like Facebook but this is where they placed the issues online…..  (this atty in 2007  supposedly says he is fighting for animal rights but if he knew animal rights he would have termed it differently since ARs if they had a chance, would have killed all the animals even faster)

Maybe it’s Animal Control that should be in the pound not the dogs?


One thought on “Devore Shelter Killing Dogs Again?

  1. They killed a little dog today….ran out of court to call and give the “kill”…shout…Devore , San Bernadino….be ashamed…be really ashamed…

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