Adoption the “Only” Option? Nope, Afraid Not……..

We all know that the ARs keep chanting that “adoption” is the only “option.” And most of us know that Nathan (Nathan Winograd, author/attorney and author of Redemption and other similar books, focusing on No Kill and such topics) usually writes against what HSUS, ASPCA, Peta  and the lot, advocate.

The truth of the matter though, is that each polar opposite–MANDATING “adoption” and every dog/cat altered  vs  never looking at adoption or altering –are both completely extreme, irrational, and non feasible positions.

Animal rights and the killing of “shelter” or pound dogs/cats has been used heavily by ARs over 25 years, especially making headway after Katrina in 2005 when HSUS conglomerated with other AR groups. IF , in fact, HSUS really wanted to save animals such as cats/dogs, they would actually save them [not just pretend or raid and kill.]  However, “saving those shelter animals” has never been the goal of HSUS. Probably the main proponent of  actually “saving” those shelter animals is Nathan. Not Best Friends, which has become one of the largest and richest AR groups, promoting the guise that animals are not property, and that no one should buy a puppy (unless they buy it from Best Friends.) Best Friends is essentially hoarding animals long term because they never intend to place most of the ones they keep in perpetuity.

Probably the main proponent of advancing the AR movement by USING the ploy of “saving the shelter animals” is HSUS. Just because HSUS has a huge advertising budget doesn’t mean it actually operates and saves dogs/cats. What HSUS does is to draft and lobby for more AR laws every year, including those against farms and ranches.

When other groups such as Best Friends uses donor money such as $140,000 (we read it online) to IMPORT strays from a foreign country, we believe that is bad use of donor money. Dog trainer Milan has been said to want to do the same thing by importing strays from Puerto Rico.   Importing saves NO dogs in the USA, which could likely have been obtained for free at thousands of shelters. Best Friends even spent tons of money to build a puppy “hotel” for seized female dogs/their litters.  Where do we think the seized dogs/litters came from?  HSUS raids?  Probably.  Then Best Friends tells people not to buy “a puppy” and ASPCA marketing agent  registered the URL don’t buy a puppy or something similar.    

All of this indicates that the United States is being told by ARs WHAT they should buy, what they should eat, how they should be guardians, how animal abuse is “rampant” (bull) and why “adoption is the only option” (more bull.)

But even if we look past the AR repeated mantras, the truth is this (which no one bothers to ever say)……..

1. The United States is supposedly a democracy and employs capitalism

2. The United States has a Constitution

3. All dog buying, selling, owning, and all facets related to the businesses which encompass the pet trade amounts to interstate commerce

4. All animal adoption programs related to the government, including shelters, pounds, or contract animal control and rescue contracts, are usually (but not all) considered as state actors.  Individual groups or non profits without any contract to any state-government agency, are likely not going to be in the state actor category. However the state actor category is complex and partially dependent upon the State laws involved, in addition to Federal law.

5. Issues arising when the state actors and or the state are claiming ADOPTION IS THE ONLY OPTION is ludicrous, since the state cannot force one to adopt ONLY a shelter mutt rather than buy whatever one wants, whether it’s online, in person, outside, inside, from a friend, acquaintance, via Craigslist, from a pet store, etc.

6. The truth is that if we filled every shelter in the USA with registered puppies such as toy poodles, Havanese, Poms, Bichons, Yorkies and other small purebreds or even designer dogs, there would be NO SHELTER DOGS KILLED.  Thus the demand of such animals creates a supply of the same.

7. Shelters take in animals that people either do not want, cannot keep, or as alleged strays.  IF these animals are NOT desired by the public, then THOSE animals (which are usually killed) should be the target  of reduction [meaning reduce how many of the unwanted enter the shelter]—in  every shelter in the USA.  And those animals (which no one wants) are usually found in the areas with the LEAST economic income. This often includes mixed breed, medium sized juvenile male dogs of unknown breeds. Once in a shelter we saw what appeared to be a large Basset hound but it had the  exact head of a GSD. It was so pathetic to see that, we felt bad just looking at it. It was also slightly scary because it was just too weird, like it came out of a science fiction movie.

8. The truth about “adoption is only option?”….  it’s nothing but pure propaganda. It attempts to make everyone believe (morally) that we all must pick up the slack for those who don’t do what the ARs want. But if the ARs were really telling the truthwhat they would say is— that ARs believe  animals are NOT, repeat,  “NOT property.”  

ARs believe animals are NOT PROPERTY.  Therefore, SELLING or BUYING animals, or  putting an animal in a shelter in AR theory is like throwing your son or daughter in the street.  That is the REAL reason ARs keep putting pet stores out of business. To prove that animals are  “NOT property” and that  you should  NOT buy it is designed to eliminate the competition………  Yet it’s ok to “adoption option” —  the very same animal,  according to the ARs   (meaning buy from either the state actors or rescues or alleged non profits.)   In other words, if one makes any profit off selling an animal, that’s illegal.  But if one is a non profit, state actor or government related group, it’s ok.  Well, HSUS is a non profit, and makes quite a huge profit every year. It is not illegal for non profits to make a profit under CA state law or even Federal law.

9.  There is never going to be a way to FORCE people into buying a shelter-pound animal they do NOT want.  That leaves the fact that having LESS of what will *not sell* in a shelter is the goal. Adopting out 50,000 dogs is not going to happen. 5,000, 15,000– maybe yes. 50,000–nope.  So larger cities MUST have programs targeted to lower the INTAKE of less desired animals, usually from lower  income economic areas.  This is not racist, nor racial profiling.  It is social welfare as it exists.

Like we said, the shelters aren’t filled with $1,000 or $2,000 dogs.  Shelters and even rescues cannot compete as pet stores where the merchandise CANNOT COMPETE with the open market.  

So shutting down pet stores which sell dogs/cats is nothing more than eliminating competition for ARs.  IT WILL NEVER, EVER, CAUSE SOMEONE TO BUY A SHELTER ANIMAL THEY DO NOT WANT. Not surprisingly, one of the largest breed specific “rescues” is small paws out of OK which BUYS commercial kennel dogs at auction.  We call this planting weeds, just so we can pull them. This is a huge cash cow. 

They (small paws) then resell  commercial dogs as “rescued.” and supposedly have over 800 “volunteers” ……This is due to the fact that the demand for Bichons is huge and there are few and none in shelters. We did rescue for about 10 years and never saw a Bichon in the pound. In fact, some AKC rescues [they told us they were]  tried to get us to GIVE them our rescued dogs IF they were THEIR breeds, claiming they could do a beter job of placing the dogs? Oh brother. Of course we didn’t give our dogs to them.

10. Most of such animals these days (if you ever look at  AR Petfinder anymore) indicates that many of such breeds such as Yorkies, mini poodles, Pom, Havanese, Bichons, etc— are not actually rescued.  These dogs are puppies, in what appears to be very good condition, with no baggage. Those are not rescued dogs.  Such dogs are sold on the open market, not thrown into the pound.  And  they are not given to rescue in most cases.  And with rescues selling such animals for $375 (if blind, one leg missing, brain disorder) or  $450, $750, $950 (not blind, no brain disorder) —-c’mon people.  It’s interstate commerce selling.  We don’t care what “tax” status they registered as, it’s selling. It’s buying and selling. And they are not pound animals. They are sold on the open market. They are not given away. They are not free.  No matter how ARs set up their propaganda, it’s always based on lies and emotional beliefs—not facts.


3 thoughts on “Adoption the “Only” Option? Nope, Afraid Not……..

  1. I rescue animals but I also work with breeders, responsible breeders who have taught me a lot, most of the dogs in pounds are one’s that are “oops babies” You can’t “make” someone want or like a dog just because no one else does. I rescue all the misfit, or medically needy dogs from the back of the shelter, but personally I prefer English Bulldogs for a personal pet & yes I am going through a breeder who health tests their animals, who cares for the breed & have devoted 30 yrs of their lives to the breed. I get purebred English bullies in rescue, but they are usually so messed up that they cost me more in medical expenses that I will be paying for my new puppy.

    I hate to say it but the kind of people who go out & look for a purebred dog from a good breeder are the kind of pet owners who usually won’t just abandon that animal. Occasionally if I have a dog they like ( a purebred) they will adopt from me for the price of the vetting. We do however have a rescue up here who sells dogs she buys from several breeders, & “adopts” them out for 750.00 to 1400.00, she also makes about a half million dollars a year according to her 990 forms.

    Some of the dogs in the shelters are there for a reason, some are aggressive, or have health problems that will cause them nothing but pain their whole lives. I have had to put a dog down who was aggressive, it broke my heart but it had to be done. The source of the problem is not shelters the source of the problem is irresponsible people… Seems the AR’s are feeding off the misery of animals caused by those people.

  2. Partially irresponsible people but often people who simply are not aware of canine or animal
    facts. And as a social welfare issue, which it is, it simply amounts to a level of knowledge and care that
    can be easily learned and taught.
    That is why all kids should learn dog safety and then more, about animals.
    It will improve their ability with animals and then increase awareness.
    Responsible and safe actions can be taught. Errant “beliefs” by ARs are
    taught to stamp out the ability to see animals are our property.

    Without animals being property, they could run loose like the cows in India
    in the streets. They would all be in sanctuary, extinct, or altered to the
    point that only feral cats would exist.
    Best Friends in Utah is a primary example. Having about 1,600 animals there
    that will never leave is crazy and in our opinion it’s hoarding. They can
    call it sanctuary but we call it hoarding.

  3. THANK YOU!!! I take in the dogs that no one wants & make them dogs that someone wants, or wait til I find someone as goofy as me to take them. I have never gotten the Sanctuary concept, but if you knew (or the public knew) the background of Best Friends they would fear them. I know a lady who has a “Sanctuary” with tons of healthy adoptable animals.

    I should say: I got into rescue partly due to the fact that I have made every mistake as a pet owner you could make, so my passion is to educate people but I can hardly sit in judgement of them…

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