Can “Adopt” be Legal — While “Selling+Give Away” is Animal “Abuse?”

Another blogger, this time one who understands how HSUS, ASPCA and the AR teams across the USA are decimating the sales (buy-sell), ownership, businesses, and anything to do with animal ownership— while claiming that display and selling and giving away are animal abuse.

How can rescue and “adoption” be legal while “selling and giving away” is illegal animal abuse?

Ask anyone who has a brain. That would not include ARs of course. Too much killing of animals leads to post traumatic stress disorder.

Is it animal abuse to give away a horse to horse slaughter? Is it animal abuse to sell a pig for slaughter?

Is it animal abuse to give away a bird to a new owner? Apparently it is in California. But it isn’t if a “non profit” does it.

and see this   ………  meaning others are observant to the fact that RURAL AMERICA is watching, and realizing— APHIS and HSUS AR groups have long targeted rural areas for seizure, and for wreaking havoc.  Most raids done by HSUS are on rural property. Trust us– if  HSUS helped DRAFT the law, we don’t want it.

At the Pet Expo, HSUS had planned in advance, classes on how to work large scale seizure/raids.  There is no other group in the USA that would even think of such a thing. But when you have APHIS and groups like Best Friends out of Utah, just ready to levy on those wascaly wabbits and the hoarding team just chomping at the bit to seize those 5lb designer toy dogs to RESELL, well then you get the picture. And since SEIZURE AND RAIDING is the “specialty” of the HSUS Seizure Team apparently, then anyone breeding, selling or giving away could be the target.

We should mention that the APHIS publication goes into great detail about WHY they did not, and why they did, make the choices they made. But just in summarily glancing at the publication, it is pretty obvious that spending an alleged $5.5 million in order to “hypothetically” get UP to $150k ($150,000 folks, not one million five hundred thousand), in saved costs—– we can already see that there is something wrong with the MATH, unless we misinterpreted the data????  We are not talking about seizing children from parents on meth and the foster care system!  And IF in fact the alleged  savings was even negligible, is it actually targeting larger scale breeders? Nope.

And as for Patti Strand, who was quoted by online article, that if you have 4 or more breeding stock females then you must open your house up to buyers???

“The proposed change seeks to close that loophole by ensuring that anyone who sells pets over the Internet, by phone or mail order can no longer do so sight-unseen. Sellers either must open their doors to the public so buyers can see the animals before they purchase them, or obtain a license and be subject to inspections by the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service.”

“We feel this is certainly a much-needed change to an outdated system,” said Rebecca Blue, deputy undersecretary for marketing and regulatory programs.

“The change does not affect backyard breeders who sell puppies from their homes or other physical locations. Blue said it’s designed to ensure that dogs sold and shipped to buyers are healthy, treated well and genetically sound.”

“You need to open your home if you breed more than four dogs. That sounds appropriate to me,” said Patti Strand, director of the National Animal Interest Alliance.   Oh, but if you read NAIA’s site, Strand is not appearing to exactly buy into APHIS law just yet? Can we safely say that even though Strand has written much against ARs in the past, to publicly make that statement [which appears to be] in support of an absolutely stupid regulation that will do absolutely NOTHING but spin wheels and COST more money……..WHY would anyone want that???

The change comes as Congress considers legislation backed by  Californians (and other legislators from different states) — Rep. Sam Farr, a longtime animal welfare supporter, Lois Capps, D-Calif.,and Sen. Dianne Feinstein — that sought to make similar changes to the regulations. Farr welcomed the USDA’s decision.   “The change will finally allow the USDA to properly enforce violations, shut down puppy mills, and prevent future abuses of dogs and unsuspecting customers,” Farr said….

WELL… that shows this guy’s absolute non understanding of how  APHIS and AWA works at all.  It indicates buying INTO HSUS’ propaganda machine, but no understanding in reality.

Hey— we got some news for y’all………..this stupid proposed change will do absolutely nothing but cost the government an arm and a leg, and as it is now, they can’t hire enough inspectors for the existing kennels, let alone to waste time, energy and money to ferret out those who own FOUR FREAKIN’ BITCHES !!  Obviously, Sam Farr and Feinstein need to get a brain.  This must be sponsorship by the entirety meaning they are entirely sucking up to HSUS and the bullshit HSUS fabricates nationwide.  What a joke. Another day in dummy dum dum land.


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