Animal Buying, Selling, even Adoptions are Interstate Commerce

HSUS knows full well, that the buying and selling of animals amount to interstate commerce.  That is why HSUS loves to claim that non profit rehoming, or give away, or adopt, adopt — is not selling.

Yet the exchange of money transaction for adopt, adopt and rehoming, indicates that these transactions are not usually free. Go to Petfinder online or any other “rescue” or non profit adoption site, shelter, SPCA, and see if you can just walk in and take away free animals.

Highly unlikely.

HSUS tries to make all of think that if a “non profit” is involved, it does not involve any commerce.  HSUS itself is involved in commerce every single day by advertising for donations. Bringing in donations for a non profit is commerce. It contributes to their pension plans, marketing efforts, donations to legislators, renting buildings, supporting candidates, paying lobbyists, paying signature gatherers, and much much more.

HSUS makes millions, doesn’t pay taxes, drafts legislation, contributes to legislators, influences legislation, ruins businesses by driving up the costs, driving up the ability to participate in commerce, driving up the expense, time, energy and resources needed to simply participate in commerce, makes it more difficult to participate in commerce, makes it more expensive to be able to bring a product to market, makes it increasingly more difficult to comply with regulations, changing rules, ever increasing licensing, fees, and more red tape, just to sustain the same business or animal related enterprise, simply because HSUS consistently, persistently, and always is there, to try and ruin the pet related trade, including any businesses related to animals.  

Food production, the raising of animals in food production, even forcing producers of other products to jump through hoops and to incur more expense.  Conversely, HSUS contributes to the demise of business by forcing out those who cannot retrofit quickly enough, and creates difficulty in businesses by only claiming vague rules which are impossible to adhere to, since no one understands what is expected. This includes breeding, showing, and selling and even buying.  This also includes perpetrating untrue facts, using misrepresentation, and influencing the public by using subterfuge.  HSUS is a deception for $$$$ corporation.   (here is link to U tube Lawyer Adoption Spoof by consumer freedom it looks like)but HSUS does use 10,000+ pro bono student and volunteer hrs per year, and then hires the big firms to try and bring down everyone else.  Nevertheless it is very expensive to file lawsuits which is WHY we keep telling elitists to get on same page with breeders and not divide ranks. Of course they go their merry way and in the end we suspect commercial breeders will still be there due to interstate commerce. Hobby breeders we believe, will suffer unless they get AKC or other fancier groups to bring in the $$$.

This includes not supporting no kill, but pimping off Michael Vick, a known animal abuser.

This includes claiming that p-mills are ruining animals, yet HSUS brags they seize animals and resells them via Best Friends and other AR groups,  while HSUS seizes/raids owners of pitbull type dogs, killing them all, then leaving everything in shambles.

This includes making videos which misrepresent animal owners, and pretending HSUS is the police.  HSUS is sued for 42 USC 1983 illegal actions.  HSUS loses.

This includes HSUS bringing forward legislation that is based on shaky ground, and then having the United States Supreme Court find every one of the cases (3 of them from 2010-2012) were thrown out, HSUS losing key cases (Depictions of animal abuse, downer animals, (CA), violent videos for kids (CA)– all in the Supreme Court.

This includes HSUS pushing APHIS, Congress, and the media into Animal Rights, and the Congress, APHIS and the public — BUY INTO IT.

The pathetic actions of HSUS is legion now, and their main donations to shelters is targeted at altering everything alive.

HSUS gets other groups to focus on shutting down the sales of animals.  Yet the same exact animals are a huge part of interstate commerce due to the demand for such animals.  Still, HSUS persists in forcing everyone nationwide, to bow down to their crappy regulations, their over the top rules, their nonsensical “animal abuse” for selling, but not if a non profit does it?

When the interstate commerce challenge is finally used against  absurd rules by HSUS, it should be loud and clear.  HSUS’s goal is to thwart interstate commerce in the pet trade  (eliminating profit) and HSUS makes no excuses. HSUS AR regs are implemented because  HSUS’s goal is to RUN the pet/animal trade by regulating it, and getting paid to do it.

By the looks of it, we will need to see HSUS and the other AR groups from the Barnum and Bailey debacle, hit with millions in sanctions.  If that happens, then HSUS might have less $$$ to work with. We predict the AETA will stay in place and that HSUS will be hit with sanctions in the circus case, along with the other AR groups.  Keeping a Federal case going for 11 years which cost Feld Entertainment 20million is not chump change.

and ………..  let’s not forget that Feld STILL has the civil RICO charges against all of the AR groups involved.  We predict that case will also find the AR groups guilty, and thus responsible for fees and costs and treble damages. Maybe then we will see some changes.


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