More Bans on CA Animal Sales, HSUS at it again via APHIS

So….. Pet stores are no longer Pet stores but are outlawed in CA in many places, and instead hobby breeders are Retail Pet stores??

According to APHIS, re the sale of pets in stores …..”Because animals sold by such stores can be monitored by the buyers for their health and humane treatment, we have determined that the risk to the welfare of animals posed by these stores DOES NOT WARRANT OUR INSPECTION OR REQUIRE THE ISSUANCE OF A LICENSE.

BUT then APHIS is now saying that APHIS wants to amend the definition of retail pet store to limit the applicability of the term to only those places of business or residences that each buyer physically enters in order to personally observe animals available for sale prior to purchase.  So anyone “buying” a pet who does not physically enter the premises to view the animal (such as any online sales, sales by breeders to people in other states, sales of dogs overseas?, and probably every re-homing in America which does not take place at YOUR house), is going to be called a potential transaction that may categorize you as one needing licensing, because there is no way APHIS is going to know how many animals you are actually breeding unless they see them.

So in CA, they are SHUTTING DOWN THE PET STORES THAT APHIS SAYS DOES NOT WARRANT INSPECTION, and APHIS is saying those stores don’t need inspecting, but APHIS wants everyone who breeds more than 4 bitches [for canine sales] to be considered a retail pet store— if the customer does not physically enter the premises to personally view the animals being purchased.

Only HSUS could come up with such an ass-backward convoluted scheme like this.  HSUS will never admit it, but HSUS and all ARs have only one goal:  Stopping the selling of the animals that people actually WANT TO BUY.  This is due to the fact that the animals are property, sold as property, and are owned as property. HSUS and friends don’t want anyone buying an animal because they believe as a lifestyle belief, that animals are NOT property.  Thus their law SB917 of CA, passed in 2011,  which says selling/giving away of an animal is “animal abuse”…. is not “animal abuse” if done by a “non profit.”

So if you understand the above, and now APHIS says that selling animals makes you a retail pet store, but the retail pet stores that used to be actual pet stores are “not warranting inspection or licensing”, yet they are being outlawed as we speak, what is left? Only backyard sales are legal and not pet stores, actual pet stores are no longer retail pet stores, and hobby breeders ARE retail pet stores.  That’s what we got out of it.  Are we wrong??

CALIFORNIA: Huntington Beach City Council To Introduce Retail Pet Sale Ban

Date Posted: April 13, 2012
Last Modified: May 16, 2012

UPDATE:  Proposed Ordinance No. 3938 was put on hold by the Huntington Beach City Council at its April 16th meeting.  Proposed Ordinance No. 3941 (rewritten to exempt animals obtained from a shelter, humane society or rescue organization) was introduced on May 7th and will be voted upon on June 14th.

CALIFORNIA: Retail Dog & Cat Sale Ban Proposed In Aliso Viejo

Date Posted: May 10, 2012
Last Modified: May 17, 2012

UPDATE:  A proposed ordinance, banning the retail sale of cats and dogs in Aliso Viejo, CA, was adopted by the City Council on May 16th.

CALIFORNIA: Update! Public Hearing Date Set For Laguna Beach Retail Pet Sale Ban Ordinance

Date Posted: April 27, 2012
Last Modified: May 16, 2012

UPDATE: A proposed ordinance banning the retail sale of dog and cats in Laguna Beach, CA was adopted by the Laguna Beach City Council on May 15th.

CALIFORNIA: Motion Passes To Draft Ordinance Banning Pet Sales In Los Angeles, CA

Date Posted: May 17, 2011
Last Modified: April 19, 2012

UPDATE: A motion to draft an ordinance banning sale of commercially bred dogs, cats, chickens and rabbits within city limits was adopted at the City Council’s April 17th meeting. Ordinance will be drafted by the City Attorney’s office to go into effect six months after enactment for a 3-year trial period.

CALIFORNIA: California Groomer Licensing Bill Amended

Date Posted: April 6, 2012
Last Modified: May 18, 2012

UPDATE:  SB 969 was amended in the Senate on May 17th and is currently on its 3rd Reading.

CALIFORNIA: Pet Reporting Mandate Poised To Pass

Date Posted: April 6, 2012
Last Modified: May 10, 2012

UPDATE:  Assembly Bill 1939 passed the Assembly Appropriations Committee with amendments on May 9th and is currently on 2nd Reading in the Assembly.


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