Flyers+Brochures+More for Crusade Against HSUS Advocates!

flagwrapJoin the Crusade Against HSUS and Pass It Forward!—-> Originally pub. here, 2009…..All is still pertinent except laws have gone from bad to WORSE!

 WOW, you might roll your eyes, BUT–the link below,  is the site for advocates to get media material which is already drafted for use,  especially if you want to tell others about HSUS…….. I am surprised I have not seen it before, although I have read nearly everything on it prior, at one time or another.  An excellent and recommended link.

This is reported on the NCRAOA site and the home link is right below this paragraph.

Amanda Arrington, NC State Director for

HSUS, held the first of several scheduled

grass roots meetings on Dec. 2, 2008.

Arrington confirmed the fact HSUS and

PETA share the same goals and regularly

share information. HSUS has 5 major

campaigns in the US: end Factory Farming,

end the Fur Industry, Stop Puppy Mills, end

Animal Fighting, end Wildlife Abuse

(Formerly Anti-Hunting Campaign).   (BSL one page handout—very nicely done!)  (Overpop+shelter info links)  (AR vs A Welfare)  (brochure—very good!)   (WOW This is just perfect, I am so impressed……….. it  perfectly explains HSUS in only 2 pages!!!!)

This is one of the best summaries on a brochure I have seen!

My opinion:  I would donate to these people. I could have done the brochure (the wording) but what for?  They already did it!!  VERY cool!!!

 Highly Recommended.  Esp the HSUS brochure. Has everything I wanted to say WITH the sources.  Just about Perfect!


One thought on “Flyers+Brochures+More for Crusade Against HSUS Advocates!

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