Dog+Fire Explosion, AR Idiots Claim It’s Funny

Now this “news” blurb might have been a set up to get people to watch some AR TV show, as the title of the “news” blurb is “Funny Corgi Causes Explosion, Then Fire.” 

As you can obviously see, allowing a dog to puncture an aerosol paint can is sheer insanity.  If we allowed a dog to do it, we would go to jail for either child endangerment, animal abuse, or both. But if ARs do it on TV, it becomes “Funny corgi Causes Explosion, then FIRE.”

There is absolutely nothing FUNNY about a fire and explosion from puncturing an aerosol paint can, much less by allowing the DOG to be purposely accessing such can when he is KNOWN (allegedly) to tear up (alleged) “cleaning supplies.”  The only reason we can think of re tearing up cleaning supplies is that someone may have sprayed it close to the dog, and the dog didn’t like it. If done repeatedly, this might cause the dog to either become extremely afraid of such cans, or to attack them?

But it is pretty irresponsible to call this dog “funny” when he punctures a paint can and then it causes an explosion and fire, and THEN imply that this is funny.  Kids might see this and try to offer such cans to their dogs (if the kids are dumb and their parents not much smarter) and guess what?  What if this happened outside next to the propane BBQ?

Sure enough–here we go……someone put explosives on a mini dox in Stockton CA.

We will absolutely NOT be surprised to find that ARs will try and torture a cow or farm animal and then BLAME some member of the public.

We know someone whose friend was using a propane BBQ and inexplicably the propane exploded causing massive, critical burn damage to the person next to the BBQ. The person had used BBQ equipment for decades, and was not a kid.  We don’t know all the details but he was at a friend’s house, so the BBQ itself was not his and perhaps there was a small leak in the propane.  Hard to say. We pray for his recovery as this just happened.


4 thoughts on “Dog+Fire Explosion, AR Idiots Claim It’s Funny

  1. It’s just plain idiotic. And then if anyone else did it, they would go to jail. Only ARs could think
    of anything this pathetic.

  2. Well, I think what they are saying is that the DOG is funny, which he is. And he is OK. And the Los Angeles Fire Department has even issued a warning about dogs, cleaning supplies and keeping a fire extinguisher on hand. And, like I said, he turned out to be just fine. What was that Shakespeare saying? “All’s well that ends well.” Unlike, say, “Jackass,” this was not done to encourage copycats.

  3. While not done to start copycats, it sends the wrong message and if YOU had done it then YOU could
    be facing charges. and if a child was there, woe unto those who think it’s funny. this is not
    called accident, this is called negligence. We are sure some people (ARs)
    would think that an animal killing a human is funny. Because they will blame the human in
    almost all cases. ARs basically hate people.

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