Turn Pet Selling 360 degrees Legal as U Wanna-Be

Why is it that many so-called commercial retail outlets can sell animals, and “pounds, shelters and rescues” can sell animals in a retail venue, but anyone else MUST sell from their homes and let people inside?  Is there the exception that selling from your home means you are better? Does it mean you are not claiming income? Can HSUS take down all selling of animals because  HSUS CAN MAKE everyone think that retail selling is NOT commercial interstate commerce (which it is) or that nationwide “adoption” is NOT commercial interstate commerce (which it is)???

Why can’t good breeders have their own retail outlets?  Why can’t breeders band together and operate such a place?  Why can’t the public physically see animals in a public place?  A well thought out store? A well thought out retail outlet?  A well though out educational program to boot?  Who better to educate people on dog stuff?  Why do breeders need to hide if they are doing great things with dogs or cats?  Why do breeders run when HSUS tries to browbeat everyone?   Anyone who knows the laws involved with their local breeding, licensing, etc, should not be hiding.  If you aren’t going to make much money, you weren’t making much anyway, so why not help the public learn what HSUS is misrepresenting to people?  Fear is not going to help solve dog selling issues by HSUS.  Buying into HSUS propaganda can be overcome by getting the media to focus on what is right, not what is wrong. [Remember, it’s the emotional aspect that counts!]  In addition, it is highly conceivable that such an outlet could be categorized as a 501(c)(3) since the organizations that shut down pet stores [claiming “education”] are alleging they are in the process of education of the PUBLIC…..  We believe it would work BOTH ways!

We think that HSUS has long caused FEAR for great breeders, even those showing animals, even for those who think they are the best and cannot be touched.  For all those great breeders, why not let the public see your animals in a retail setting? You could be there to show them off.  The average person does not necessarily even want to go to a dog breeder’s home these days.  Many people have become apprehensive of doing so thanks to HSUS’s p-mill campaigns.  Although it has been stated that many breeders have waiting lists, that’s fine, but many people don’t want to wait for a dog that is pet quality.  If the owner is willing to buy an altered animal, that’s up to the owner.  If an animal wants an intact owner, it will start to become more and more difficult.  It will become more difficult to even own a kennel.

However, IF APHIS has stated outright, which they have— that they are not worried about pet stores, and if pet stores are already exempted, why isn’t anyone willing to showcase great animals in such a setting? We are very sad to report that the I Heart puppies store in Corona Del Mar, which had good community support,  did close, and will only use online sales. However, they refused to only offer “rescued” dogs and the main AR group, CAPS, claimed the closure was not the victory they hoped for.  (complete bull)………Claiming that all pet stores only sell p-mill dogs is incredibly/legally absurd. Even if dogs come from any commercial kennel, every commercial kennel cannot possibly be designated as a p-mill. It’s impossible. We have HSUS to thank for that absurd lie.

Surely there must be enough reasonable breeders who are strong and willing to show their own dogs in a retail setting. With HSUS continuing to RUIN breeders, the key is NOT to join HSUS but to do the opposite, and take control of your own property. Don’t let others take away your rights to sell your own property!  Once others see that such a thing can transpire, they will not be so quick to keep shutting down any stores that are operating lawfully.

In addition, instead of maintaining that each puppy must be shielded inside someone’s home, it should be taught that the socialization of pups can easily be done by reasonable acclimation to people. The majority of people do not even know that puppies can get parvo even WITH shots, since the shots cannot cover immunity 100%.  When doing rescue, we advised those buying pups to not  allow  the animal on common ground outside, until a minimum of 3 shots had been given.  Pet stores do not allow just anyone to start grabbing at animals.  They are under surveillance and potential buyers should (in our belief) have to put up their driver’s license or credit card as I.D., (just as is required at the Court House, in order to view a FILE.) Children would not be allowed to handle the animals. Because California already has a lemon law for pet sales, no one needs to reinvent the wheel.

It should be somewhat difficult to qualify to BUY a dog. Even the pounds can turn down people, they do it all the time.  It should NOT be required that the public views every nuance of how a breeder raises animals, because if HSUS has its way, HSUS will be in your BEDROOM and you won’t be selling any animals, period, EVER.

It is a very serious threat in California to see people supporting the shutting of viable retail outlets for animal sales, even WITHOUT KNOWING ANYTHING about the animals. Because pet stores are clearly commerce in action, owners cannot ignore AR protestors. APHIS claims the pet stores are not even an issue, yet HSUS and Best Friends can close down 10, 20 stores?

 By supporting such pet store bans, this only makes the breeding and selling of animals more “illicit” when it isn’t illegal to begin with!!!!! Unfortunately, despite the showing in CA against AB1634, which we helped oppose, elitist/hobby breeders will find that their position is targeted as they become the “new” targeted pet stores, since actual pet stores are alleged NOW as not an issue for APHIS , and not the source of problems?  Well guess who that leaves?  Hobby breeders.  We think it’s time that so called hobby breeders call their business a part time business and operate it like a business.

HSUS claims online, you can click on different states and it will allegedly show you where a pet store gets its puppies, however after checking and clicking, only a few (of the 30 listed)  showed places –that did NOT sell pets– and a few showed only Petland, for example in Minnesota, that allegedly got pups from “Heritage Puppies”: Over 500 Dogs at Their Facility,In 2009, this store received shipments from Heritage Puppies in Iowa that reportedly had over 500 adult dogs at the facility during a May 2008 inspection by the USDA. Heritage Puppies sell over 5,000 puppies a year and reportedly gross over $1,000,000 in sales.   SO WHAT?????   HSUS grosses FAR more than a million and they don’t even pay taxes!!!

As we can see, HSUS is even having trouble finding the so called kennels it claims that has all these “bad” people running the place. [Probably never existed in any substantial numbers to start with]    HSUS needed only to find 3 kennels to cause widespread damage by going to Oprah, Ellen, and movie stars………  And yet, it has not completely done what HSUS hoped, as evidenced by their failure to take down Hunte, Petland, or even drastically changing commercial kennels.  Changing commercial kennels is absurd because HSUS in reality, wants to get PAID for the oversight in some form. Since the government isn’t about to appoint 5,000 new inspectors, and HSUS isn’t going to pay for them, it’s obvious that won’t happen. 

AR Protestors  Outside Animal Businesses

Here is a story re the 500ft stay away for protestors at funerals.  We think the AR protestors should be a minimum of 500ft and maybe even 1000ft.  Protesting 5ft from the door of businesses to us is called ruining commerce, despite the claim that “lawful” protesting is allegedly constitutional.  It is, but it should have restraint as to the proper time, place and manner and not just be right in every customer’s face.


According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, 24 states have enacted distance requirements of at least 500 feet for funeral protesters. Of those, five have a 1,000-foot requirement. Montana’s is 1,500 feet.

“It should be noted courts have upheld distance requirements states place on those attempting to campaign within a certain distance of a polling site,” Krist said. “Funerals and memorial services, much like polling places, could be viewed as having participants who are a captive audience. I believe there is a compelling state interest to protect family privacy and prevent emotional distress at funerals or memorial services.”

Read more: http://journalstar.com/news/unicameral/article_1adc4062-21b1-50a6-88be-b63b039bab06.html#ixzz1w1KvlMXy



5 thoughts on “Turn Pet Selling 360 degrees Legal as U Wanna-Be

  1. In Washington state (don’t know about Ca.) I run a rescue, I have a business license & a state non-profit, my animals are used for or categorized as interstate commerce… This is the reason I can sue the shelter who took my animals under the Animal Terrorism Act & RICO. My animals are adopted as far away as Maryland. I do go to schools & take the rescue dogs to teach the kids how to care for animals, which is what qualifies me, my animals ARE used for teaching… So can’t pet stores & breeders do the same thing, either have school field trips to their place of business, or into their homes? Problem solved. (In my head) That should also send HSUS running after the ATAct & keep them busy in D.C. for a while.

  2. ALL animals can be used for education purposes as long as the documentation is set up correctly.
    The people that know what they are doing with animals have long hidden from HSUS but should do
    the opposite. If one is acting within the law there is no NEED to hide.

  3. I didn’t realize at the time “what” I was doing, I just wanted to teach kids, but when all the legal garbage came up an attorney advised me that because I went to schools & taught that my animals & business activities were protected under the ATA, maybe if the breeders/pet stores knew about this too then they could utilize it as well.

    Hiding from HSUS is not a cowardly thing, it is a self preservation thing, even within the bounds of the law. You can be following the law to the letter & then they come along & change the laws. The laws are made to be manipulated.

  4. Self preservation when used correctly will not stop HSUS, that is true. However HSUS is all about perception.
    When the perception no longer works, it’s harder to taint people. Stronger people don’t go away. But fearful
    people will. We were the target of AC before, due to rescue. That’s how we know a lot of what really happens.
    So we are not new to this game. It takes experience to be able to see and use strategy. The AETA cannot be used
    without having the FBI implement it. In nearly all cases not involving violence, they will not use it. But
    after winning the lawsuit in MA (our prediction) where ARs are challenging the AETA, we predict it could be used more often.
    However it wasn’t set up for run of the mill interference with animal enterprise. We know.

  5. I think it is only because of the fact that this city broke so many other federal laws that mine comes into play… I didn’t know you all had been in the crossfires too, I thought you were simply Animal Law attorney’s… I’m so sorry you had to go through it but I am glad you won… One battle at a time in an all out war it seems

    You should really go read my blog about my own personal experience with HSUS…

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