Horse Rescue Refuses “Release” on $350k Demand v Banks

Grace Foundation finally sued both banks, allegedly for $20,000,000. After banks wanted a waiver signed, it was refused. Below explains the situation prior to Grace filing the lawsuit.

The Grace Foundation claims that Bank of America has been nice but Wells Fargo Bank has not been. Perhaps if Grace  understood what happened, via [illegal] seizure with animal control, Wells Fargo and the attorney for Wells Fargo……Grace took some pretty big change, $40,000 or $80,000, or maybe more, to take animals that were part of an illegal seizure. We don’t see Grace mentioning that, yet she does have the animals. Of course Grace would say she knew nothing about an illegal seizure? Then why did Grace claim if the seizure had been done properly, she wouldn’t be in such a bind? It would have made little difference since Grace knew she was taking horses that could be pregnant. They have been at her ranch property since August 2011. If horses were pregnant, she could have refused to take them.

Can Grace attempt to wrangle money out of the banks while the bank attorney who facilitated and engaged the illegal seizure, gets away from his own wrongdoing? Below is from the Grace “update” where she is having others call the banks and even tries to harass the attorney. Amazing. It didn’t work so apparently Grace finally sued the banks.

Dear Friends of Grace,    

The saying, this is a marathon not a sprint, is holding very true with the Susanville case. It is hard to believe that it has been over a year since we began the journey involving the Susanville horses. In my last correspondence with you, I felt encouraged that we may have been close to a resolution when we were contacted by both Bank of America and Wells Fargo’s top executive level.  I had hope that these banks understood the severity of their errors and shared our desire for a quick resolution.

Since that day, we have done everything that has been asked of us by Wells Fargo and Bank of America.  We have provided the banks with over 200 documents, receipts, and invoices pertaining to the care of the Susanville horses.  We have also hosted executives from Wells Fargo and Bank of America at Grace and have provided all of the records for each of the horses, their medical care, and projections of future costs.

While both banks have made a restitution offer, the amounts do not come close to covering the enormous out of pocket costs and the future costs that The Grace Foundation has incurred and continues to incur due to their fraudulent acts. This offer also came with a ten page release that would absolve all future responsibility for everyone involved. All our legal advisers, without question, have advised us against this offer.  

While Bank of America has treated us more respectfully and seems to have a desire for a positive resolution, Wells Fargo Bank continues the deception in emails denying any responsibility for the animals or the pending foreclosure on Whispering Pines Ranch.  I would encourage you to contact Mr. Brian Barlett at Wells Fargo Bank (Executive Vice President) at (443) 812-4744 or (410) 884-2087.

I would also encourage you to contact Mr. Tim Ryan, the attorney responsible  for the deception and malpractice involved in this case.  We trusted Mr. Ryan with our organization and our animals’ lives and it is more than gut wrenching to have proof beyond a reasonable doubt that we were deceived by him from the beginning. Please contact Mr. Tim Ryan at  (714) 666-1362 or (714) 393-7064 and encourage him to own up to his error and encourage his clients, Wells Fargo Bank and Bank of America, to settle this case.  [
PD note: It was not an error, it was a purposely calculated, knowing and willing choice.
All one has to read is the Court docket. There is far more to this than Grace apparently realizes.]
I would also still encourage you to call Bank of America executives to voice your disappointment that a resolution has not been found and if nothing else, encourage them to provide the money that is so desperately needed to continue to care for the horses that they have abandoned on us. Jumana Bauwens (213) 345-9134 and  Cori Latala (Counsel VP) (408) 678-4346
Numbers of people to contact in regards to this case:


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