How Elitist Breeders+Others are Tricked by HSUS

First of all, HSUS is very aware of how to conduct an attack without using Peta tactics. Second, they study the enemy, and know the target, which for the most part, is the unsuspecting, dumb-downed public.   Third, they are not stupid, but they will use subterfuge.  Fourth, if required, they will actually try and con people into taking their side on some aspects, by complete misrepresentation or deception or will appeal to their personal self interests [much like special interest groups lobby.]

It is mostly in this 4th element that HSUS has succeeded with elitists. HSUS realizes how elitists operate and how they view the dog fancy. HSUS then targets the “commercial” kennels but in so doing over the years, has failed to make any legal headway against commercial kennels. [HSUS has made “perception” headway from excessive media campaigns, and other groups have closed down pet stores….]  Over the years ARs have tried to include in home breeders with commercial breeders as well.

Commercial kennels are legal, as we have stated a zillion times. Yes, commercial kennels are interstate commerce, but so are all sales and giving away, and purported sales of rescued animals.  However, the word “commercial” is used by HSUS + ARs usually to indicate that animals are “not” property. Linking the word commercial or p-mill to the selling, buying, desiring, or business of animals BY ARs tends to imply that animals should not be commercial items or property.  But they are.

 In fact, animals are property and instrumentalities of commerce. They can be owned, bought, sold, bartered, auctioned off, raised, killed, shown, displayed, etc. They can be bred, and offspring can be sold. While ARs have made animal regs on animals, reasonable regulations might be ok. Illegal,unreasonable, arbitrary,disparate, illusory and vague, etc. should not be allowed. 

Strike one. To keep animals as our owned property–the animals must be our property, and yes, they are basically a commodity in interstate commerce, with their legal status being qualified property. Their legal status is what gives us the ownership in the first place.

Nearly all aspects of the pet trade are commerce, no matter what HSUS claims otherwise.  HSUS, ASPCA,Best friends, every huge non profit basically is involved with interstate commerce even if they don’t contribute to taxes. Their companies spend money, they buy tons of things for their business, they sell things online, they run schools and “Expos” and those things don’t come free. They publish huge amounts of data, they sell books on how to kill animals, they sell their services to shelters, they train shelters. It is not free, and they charge for everything. The only non-commercial thing about them is they have a 501(c)(3) and they are likely breaking the rules.

Changing the legal status of animals  (which is every AR’s goal) into “non property” is not likely possible, and should NEVER be the goal of animal owners……. but the ARs have been trying for over 30+ years to do so.  ANY LAWS WHICH IMPLY THAT IT IS A CRIME TO SELL YOUR OWN PROPERTY, WHERE THAT PROPERTY IS AN ANIMAL must be highly scrtutinized, because HSUS probably wrote the law—- and the law is likely designed to further erode our rights with animals.  The MORE elitists treat animals as if they were human children, the MORE HSUS pushes for laws that make animals equal to children.  In case you may not have noticed, nearly all animal laws are patterned after child welfare law… “guardian”…”companion”…”best interest of animal”….”Pets named in wills”….”Pets named in domestic violence restraining orders”….”Pets can’t be subject of depictions of cruelty”…”Animals can be seized from owners right out of the home, car, yard on suspected ‘abuse'”…….

An example is in Louisville KY, when the horrific animal regulation was passed. It was our understanding that elitist type AKC people were “working” with HSUS or whoever was calling the shots. That “working” with created a horrible regulation that, despite the lawsuit, is still in place. In Albuquerque NM they have something similar but not quite as bad. Learning from that experience, we would think that no elitist breeders would ever side with ARs. Yet they have. When this happens, because they are out to save themselves and blame others, they do a disservice to the public at large. Elitists forget that the vast majority of people view their animals as pets, not showpieces. Granted, preserving purebred dogs is a genuine concern.  However, HSUS loves to USE elitist breeders, because HSUS knows how to run the game.

In fact right now, we are willing to bet that some elitist breeders would vote to outlaw animals as property just so they could save their animals and show them. Once animals become something other than qualified property, the laws completely change.

Peta says whales have constitutional rights.  ARs claim horses need 15min breaks per hr if pulling a carriage, and that rule exists in PA. HSUS said it was a prima facie felony for a dog to have cropped ears.  Come on people–this is plain absurdity. It is not legally required for HUMANS to have air conditioning in homes, rentals or cars.  Yet ARs tell us the animals must have certain ambient air changes, certain perfect temperature ranges, and certain exercise.  Those things are not even guaranteed for humans, much less animals.

So when dog breeders claim they don’t support commercial kennels, they are hanging themselves. Commercial kennels are LEGAL. It is unlikely they will be outlawed.   What they don’t support is ILLEGAL– no matter who is doing it.  There is a difference. One in compliance of the law should be fine.  The ones that are illegal are HSUS and friends that take money from the public via misrepresentation and deception.  False advertising is deception.

Strike two.  Very few elitists will help oppose any bad animal laws unless it directly affects them and their show dogs. If they get an exemption, they usually won’t be very concerned.

HSUS claims  the proposed APHIS reform will cause “more commercial kennels” to become “registered.” HAH!!!  Big joke. BUT  we see the elitists opposing it, because it will affect them.  If it did not affect them, but just affected kennels, they likely would not care. In other words, it’s not one for all and all for one.

Look at what BEST FRIENDS said in 2008 for their don’t buy a puppy campaignWhat’s NOT inspected by the USDA?
-Retail pet stores. The USDA only regulates the supply end—the breeders.
-Puppy sales on the Internet, classified ads, flea markets. NO regulation
Small-scale breeders who have three or fewer breeding female dogs. NO regulation

As you can see, Best Friends has gone into business in the background with HSUS to help do the don’t buy a puppy campaign. the URL  shows it’s registered by Best Friends.

HSUS fully intends to take APHIS regs and make people “think”  it’s about commercial kennels. HSUS knows full well that commercial kennels will not be affected regardless of how they change APHIS simply because the Feds cannot keep up with the tide of selling and investigating, and they never will. In fact APHIS admits they changed over to focusing on those who have had issues in the past, see    Federal PUPS legislation continues……This explains the history of ARs trying to change the regulations, and how in home breeders are always worried they will be included.

YES they should be worried because even if they were NOT included, by breaking ranks and villifying commercial kennels, it can only lead to ONE result— which is to eliminate breeding ..and home breeders would likely be the first to be affected.

And according to  (where they actually quote a former HSUS person), supposedly “rescues” or shelters would not or are not exempted……plus the former HSUS person is quoted,  states that a “good breeder” would never place 50 puppies in a year [that would average out to about 4.16 per month, and if one owned 3 large dogs that each had 10 pups and 3 small dogs that had 5 pups, clearly it could get close to 50]    If one is going to cite another’s words, that a “good” breeder would never place 50 puppies in a year, it’s pretty obvious that someone believes that anyone who does place 50 puppies a year is a “bad” person.

Our opinion is no breeder should ever print a subjective opinion from a former HSUS person, regardless of who says it later. We think that subjective opinion originally came from elitist breeders because they themselves might not want to breed a total of 50 pups in one year.  HSUS doesn’t know anything about breeding animals. But an elitist breeder would tell people and publish that 50 puppies is bad, since this isn’t the first time we have seen it.

So basically elitists believe only in breeding the way they think is right. What others might want or do is not considered.  What the public wants is not considered. Since most elitists breed for show “quality” it means non show quality is pet quality. There should be nothing wrong with pet quality, and for that matter there should be nothing wrong with regular dogs which are of no particular quality except decent health and good temperament.

Elitists believe their way of breeding is the best and only way, and that mixing of any breeds is inconceivable [from a purebred point of view]    So, we can see why the average joe who just wants a dog doesn’t likely care about any of that. So the average joe dog owner, who make up the majority of dog owners, falls prey to HSUS nonsense and there is no one to inform them of what the ARs are doing in dogland. THAT is why denigrating commercial kennels is dangerous, because they are legal.

A commercial kennel is NOT a p-mill, it’s the HSUS and Best Friends and other ARs that claim 3 bad apples mean every breeder is bad. Doesn’t work that way, and it doesn’t work that way under the law either.

If commercial kennels are all bad, according to HSUS,  and then HSUS moves to take out hobby breeders (which we can see happening due to outrageous laws) then elitists have done their own people a disservice.

The USA is going downhill fast, and the economy may tank seriously within two years. Our money might become almost worthless, meaning your house will be worthless and so will everything else.  If that were to happen, there  definitely will not be huge donations to HSUS.  APHIS could even close down. Commercial kennels are not something the government wants to shut down.  They may have to regulate it, but they don’t have the capacity to engage in persistent raids that HSUS wants.  Despite what the government claims, such as unemployment is 8.9%, others have calculated that it’s actually closer to 21 or 22%.  If that is the case, only the very rich will have much to look forward to.

Strike three.   THE REAL REASON FOR “REFORMING” APHIS  IS TO TAKE OUT ELITIST AND HOBBY BREEDERS— basically because HSUS has not managed to pass their PUPS legislation, which is always opposed by PIJAC and AKC. If any group has to be targeted, the commercial kennels will win and the hobby breeders will lose.

If commercial kennels were the actual reason, HSUS would be trying to change the regulations on commercial kennels and limit them to only 3 breeding females nationwide.  Clearly HSUS is not doing that because it would never pass the commerce clause. What HSUS is trying to do with the PUPS deal is just another piece of garbage legislation, year after year. HSUS will never be able to eliminate commercial kennels– and everyone should be glad—because if that happened, it would mean the end of all breeding (see below.)

Although HSUS has passed horrific laws nationwide, purebred dogs still maintain their place in dog ownership. HSUS and AR groups, Best Friends et al, may sway some people.  They may close down some stores.  But  HSUS really doesn’t care about shelter animals and never has. HSUS just wants to eliminate people “buying” animals as property, so buying   obtaining (adopting) a shelter animal is used, as an emotional hook to gain more donors and more believers. In other words, a key propaganda mechanism is to sway the public by using emotional ploys.

We don’t believe there is anything necessarily wrong with commercial kennel raised animals, and we have a lot of respect for Missouri fighting back against HSUS attempting to  ruin interstate commerce.  And we don’t think there is anything wrong with selling animals in a pet store or  transferring outside in public.  The truth is– if HSUS could eliminate commercial kennels (which are legal), then HSUS could wipe out breeding entirely.  

In fact, despite the denigrating of commercial kennels by elitists, legally speaking, they (commercial kennels) ARE the strongest element in the battle BECAUSE if MSN nationwide was to happen, even state by state, it would be nearly impossible legally,  to force all commercial kennels to alter every single dog they bred.

However, it would NOT be hard to force local breeders to do the same. That would only require local city or county action. And if the local breeders are the dog fanciers and elitists, you can see that they could be forced to alter every dog, even potential show animals.  We already know the first thing they would do, is to run out and try to get an “exemption”– for themselves.

HSUS and other AR groups have now passed local laws in CA cities, in addition to the State law on SB917 (criminal animal abuse for selling or giving away)….. which actually outlaw the display, buying and showing and selling of pets and animals. The laws are local to specific cities, most of them in Southern California— the AR hotbed. Even PIJAC was not successful in stopping them, see   If you  read this, you will see that if different cities start passing all these laws (and they have done so in CA and other states)  then the aggregate EFFECT is that breeding, buying, selling and even displaying animals is going down the toilet.  This means it most definitely affects interstate and intrastate commerce.  It is bad for the economy.  Businesses closing right and left is not consoling.

HSUS  could make laws for every state that no one could breed any dog unless A. B. C. and then make sure the fees were too high, and the regulations far too difficult so that no one could afford it, and no one would want their complete house searched, and then HSUS would come in with the inspections, which HSUS would make a separate private corporation to do. If you think HSUS cannot do this, you are wrong. It takes only money and votes to do ANYTHING.  Of course, if HSUS can pass 200 anti-animal laws per year, they could also probably get every major city to go along with no breeding laws. Or, HSUS could state that every breeder or owner who gives or sells a dog or cat must alter it PRIOR to sale, that way if a seller didn’t want to pay for altering, they would get rid of the dog and not sell it.

THINK ABOUT IT. HSUS says you can’t get commercial kennel dogs, and helps to sponsor others shutting down pet stores. HSUS doesn’t want anyone to buy a dog, but if you DO buy a dog, HSUS says they have the right and laws to tell you what you can do with the dog. Take Louisville for example. Or Albuquerque NM. Then HSUS gains some elitists to actually side with them in setting up ownership standards?  Are you kidding?

Working with HSUS leads to the demise of any type of animal breeding. It leads to worse laws against owners. When elitists find they can sell from their own homes only with either required additions to their homes, or their living room becoming the search/seizure territory, guess what? Hobby breeders are the new pet stores. The commercial kennel pet stores are “OK” according to APHIS now. That’s EXACTLY what the APHIS information handout states. …. That those pet stores have “plenty of oversight” and are not a target.   But those stores are being banned right and left, correct?  Hello?  Does anyone get our drift here? The noose is tightening.

Anytime HSUS makes a law against selling, buying, or restricting animals, it is NEVER for the reason they state.  Absolutely never.  There is always subterfuge behind the law.  Either to use as a stepping stone, or to further another law you don’t know about, or to set a bad precedent against ownership.

A divisive wedge has already been driven between commercial kennels, pet stores, and in home breeders. HSUS has attacked all of them. We have seen no support between the three groups…..which is very, very sad…………..In fact as attorneys, we think courts would support all 3 groups as interstate commerce, even if  the majority of people don’t even understand what is going on.  The commercial kennels have the best chance of survivial because it is federally regulated, and they have substantial numbers. We aren’t sure how many pet stores there are, but we assume there are quite a few. That’s PIJAC territory and PIJAC can’t even stop cities from banning stores. Hobby breeders have AKC to help them, but AKC has less people joining, and likely less showing dogs, the fancy is getting up in age, and less income is likely going to AKC.  Had the pet store people, commercial kennel people, hobby people, and those involved in the pet trade business ALL got on the same page, they would have a giant force of people who could easily outnumber HSUS and their pathetic pandering propaganda.  Yet those groups remain splintered.  You cannot get an army set up with divisive beliefs and ranks being split.

Last but not least, elitists should realize that one of their own elitist groups was responsible for putting the MSN case from Los Angeles into an APPEAL case, which is not something that should ever be done when you are not assured of winning. Appeals are usually based only upon legal error, abuse of discretion. That case was then published in California, making MSN precedent law, and allowing HSUS to brag about it.  So elitists carved out exceptions for their show dogs essentially, but that’s about it. MSN will not stop the killing of animals, because shelter killing is a social welfare issue, not a legal issue. MSN won’t work on feral cats, the leading cause of killing in California shelters.  Had the case not been appealed,  it could not have been a published appellate, precedent setting case.

Fighting HSUS requires unity, not one upmanship.  There are allegedly almost 400,000 people who claim to support HUMANEWATCH.ORG    If those 400,000 people each donated $2.00 to fight HSUS, get what?  $800,000 can go a long way to help take down HSUS crappola. 

In our reasoning, the right to own property such as animals/pets, belongs to all people, not just elitists or show dog people. Much like society is divided into the rich, middle and poor, the elitists  often think mostly of themselves, and not society in general.  It is that type of thinking that HSUS uses against elitists, without them even realizing it….and it will be to the elitists’ detriment because they follow that train of thought. That they are “better.” They are not better, they are people. The laws in the USA apply to everyone, whether your dog is some  mixed mongrel or  a show winner.


2 thoughts on “How Elitist Breeders+Others are Tricked by HSUS

  1. Do you have a list of businesses that support HSUS?
    I was shocked to learn that Wells Fargo Bank supports them.

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