Sex with Dog or How Videos Can Impact Your Thinking

If that grabbed your attention, then you can see that using graphic video, such as horse carcasses or even “sex”, still sells headlines………Yes there is an actual story of  the 2   3 legged dog belonging to a contract employee at the Pinellas County Humane Society, whose boyfriend took pics of himself/dog in sex photos, plus he allegedly had child porn.  He won’t be charged for the bestiality because only “one” photo meets the criteria, according to the news story (Tampa Bay Times 6/12/12)

But when “sensationalism” is used to garner news readership, should we take such conduct such as that used nationally by Animal Rights (ARs), which continues to push every story with things such as VIDEO, U Tube, and countless “undercover” films and stories and pictures, to criminalize whatever ARs claim is criminal?

For example, the Grace Foundation of Northern California purposely used horse carcass shorts, strung together, to claim the owner was GUILTY OF KILLING the animals whose carcasses they photographed….  so simply because a PICTURE of a carcass is shown, does that mean someone is guilty of anything????

So, if Grace purposely uses ‘graphic’ videos to call attention worldwide, to a person she has already claimed “is guilty of killing 25 horses” which is obviously not a true statement, since there has been no conviction,  and then uses her own video to support such a statement, what does that mean?? It means Grace is copying what HSUS does nationally. Pandering that ‘ole emotional, the graphic, the PETA crappola, the shock jock value of the media.  CLAIMING THAT SOMEONE “IS GUILTY OF KILLING” WHEN THAT PERSON HAS NEVER EVEN BEEN TO COURT FOR TRIAL IS SIMPLY A LIE.

Apparently if you watch enough crap on TV and U tube and are addicted to Facebook, then you might think that yes, that’s gotta mean this person is “guilty.” Well, maybe that’s why this country is so screwed up and kids are so messed up. With people wanting to kill others because of Facebook issues, when “Reality TV” is what kids think is real, when boys believe all women should resemble the former Baywatch Anderson, and Victoria Secret models, when TV shows are 99% crap, and feature deviant behavior, extreme antics, completely outrageous nonsense and plain insane topics that kids can see both on TV and online, we are understanding why ARs use media to affect people’s minds.

The mind is heavily influenced by purposeful  emotional propaganda, especially if it is of the shocking, taboo, sexual, graphic, or offensive type.  So it is no wonder that ARs relish using shock value to get emotions going in order to perpetuate their thinking.  ARs have little logic, it is always emotion, propaganda, and PROPS.  This is proven by PTSD, which can happen after any emotional trauma which heavily affects the human mind. The same can occur after killing hundreds or thousands of animals. Look at Ingrid.

Remember that next time you read about some story, or see some AR video, or see news stories claiming this “video” of XYZ means he/she/whoever “KILLED X NUMBER OF ANIMALS….  OR  “ABUSED”   XYZ  NUMBER OF KITTENS….OR WAS A HOARDER OF  XYX  NUMBER OF ANYTHING.

For that matter, anyone with a large number of animals in their backyard or on their property, regardless of how many, and no matter the condition, could be considered a hoarder. Hoarding doesn’t necessarily mean you are doing anything wrong. It usually infers there is a LOT of something, but it can be hoarding if one does not want to part with any of whatever it is, since it is akin to collecting.  So if a “rescue” like to collect animals, and has no intention of  parting with such animals, and keeps adding to that collection of such animals, we would consider that to be hoarding. ARs like to call it “sanctuary” but in REALITY it is just hoarding.  Keeping 1,500 dogs/cats, or keeping 200 horses, or keeping 200 cats, it’s all the same, regardless.  It’s a collection of something, for no other reason than the person or group wants to keep them. There is no breeding for sale, there are no sales.

So if a “rescuer” claims they purposely keep 100,200, 300 [or whatever number] of animals onsite, and have no intentions of relinquishing them and no one else wants such animals,  yet the “rescue” cannot afford to feed, house and keep the operation going, while still maintaining all the kept animals collection, and claim they will be broke if someone doesn’t pay them money, what is that?  We call it the Grace Foundation of Northern California’s situation.  That is because, when one does not have the funds to keep what one already has, one  should  not continue to TAKE ADDITIONAL ANIMALS IN, especially if they cost an arm/a leg to feed and house.

Grace Foundation admits, in January 2012 alone, in 3 weeks, took in 3 sick horses or abandoned horses. That’s ONE HORSE a WEEK!!!  How bright is that?  We would call that mismanagement. Collecting decrepit,half dead or extreme medical case animals when you have no $$$ is just plain insane and shows lack of logic and reasonable thinking.  It indicates an irrational, overly emotional, and lack of common sense, and implies that such actions are  used for fundraising, based upon the pandering of emotional ploy propaganda. [If no donations are solicited, that would be one thing, yet donations are CONSTANTLY solicited—just like HSUS.]

Each one of those horses eats a lot unless they are so sick they can’t eat.  Each one of those animals needs vet care.  Each one of the animals requires some type of work on hooves, grooming, etc.  Yet Grace was complaining they cannot pay for their hay, their bills, they even can’t pay for the Ford Motor Credit bill apparently (in CEO DeCaprio’s name) , because they got sued on it in May 2012.  The truth is, one cannot run an expensive operation even on a million bucks, if the cost is 2million bucks.


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