Graphic Video by Rescue with Bank Attorney= “Tragic Rush To Accuse”

Two of us will admit, when we first saw the Grace video sent round the world, it had already been out and online for quite some time. By then it was pretty much too late to stop the damage that had occurred, 30 pg on Google, and even now, about 25pg.  Even Grace “cautions” viewers that they shot the video from a distance to cut down on the graphic shock?  That parents might not want to let their kids view it?  It’s easy to find the video on Utube and elsewhere. Grace made sure of that. But that’s not all………the Wells Fargo attorney had to get in his stuff too, see below.

We saw it, and it was definitely NOT from a distance at all, it was so close up we had to stand back !!!  We are not ones to normally even look at any AR videos because most of them are purposely done for shock value alone, such as the dairy cow video, which had the FAKE guy in there, pretending he was using a pitchfork on a cow, and then noticing the clothing of the guys was the same in all sections, even though this was supposed to have been a 4 day video session?

However, whoever made up the Grace video edited it and made the decision to format it in a particular fashion.  Then someone, we assume, related to the Grace group and the video taking we assume, decided what wording to use when sending the video out on the Internet.  Then someone also decided what wording to use when telling others to join them to clobber this “abuser” and to take down this awful person that killed all these horses!  And the word “murderer” was used in some instances.

OK now when anyone who does this type of thing, that is, creates a video, uses it knowing there is a criminal case, then sends it out and tells people to join them to put pressure on others to “get” this person, we understand why the ARs do this.  Their lifestyle belief is that animals are not property and that animals are basically entitled to what humans should have.

But when doing this, whoever is creating the video and whoever is creating the marketing of the spiel that goes along with such video should be in the know about how the law works.  And one thing we have found in general, is that ARs don’t care about how the law works, in fact they don’t even bother to know the law because they think they can do whatever they want and the law does not affect them in many cases?

Well, that is where they are wrong. If you want to create graphic videos and make fundraising efforts by using it, that’s your choice. Peta does it every single day. Peta uses movies, sex, insane stuff, and still gets people to donate. But when looking at the Grace Foundation of Northern California video, and the stories that go with it, and the written nonsense that is usually accompanying it, we have a different story.  It is very obvious that the AR Grace Foundation does not work with a press person that knows the law.  And we assume they don’t work with attorneys since Grace is claiming they got bamboozled by Wells Fargo attorney Timothy M. Ryan, yet Grace allowed Ryan to actually represent the Grace Foundation?

We were not there when it happened so we have no idea of how that occurred. However we sent people out to find out how it happened, and yes, Grace did specifically say Ryan represented her, and Ryan did tell people in writing and in person that he represented Grace.  In fact, more digging turns up the fact that the attorney Timothy M. Ryan of the Ryan Firm out of Anaheim—[we try and use the full name because there are like 5-7 others, including attorneys, with the same or very similar name] —-was actually bragging that HE was going to help take down the horse owner and that he engaged tons of media to do it!   See it yourself, it’s online like everything else~~



Please help bring horse murderer to justice

Here is the media letter from the Grace Foundation: Dear xxx,  Susanville, CA
Also, this link only shows 6 (six) pages. This attorney from Wells Fargo did a lot more commenting
than just 6 pages, trust us. Just take our word on it.

Now for attorneys, we usually don’t see statements like that. Why?  For one thing, it is considered inappropriate, not business like, and unprofessional.  It may not land one in jail.  In criminal cases, it could be troublesome if the one talking is the Prosecutor, such as what happened in the infamous Duke lacrosse case

It bears knowing that in the Duke case, the Prosecutor Mike Nifong ended up getting disbarred for “dishonesty, fraud, deceit, and misrepresentation.”  The charged players (defendants) were victims of  a “tragic rush to accuse.”

The former players sought unspecified damages and new criminal justice reform laws in their federal civil rights lawsuit against the city of Durham.  Even the Coach of the team received threatening emails, hate calls, had signs placed on his property, and was the frequent victim of vandalism in the aftermath of the accusation.  We say all this because we know the power of ONE bad video–and the accusations that often go with it.

Videos can emotionally grab people such that they WILL rush to judgment!! Isn’t that why ARs make the videos?  Of course!

But the real question is, if you make bad videos, that’s one thing. When you outright claim the defendant is GUILTY of the crime, or that defendant did this crime, that’s another thing. Those are not accusations, those are blatant statements of guilt. That is why news stories always call the defendant the “suspect.” They don’t say the defendant is the person who committed the crime or killed someone, because legally you cannot make that statement without getting into legal trouble.  Only in England is the defendant considered actually guilty, and then HAS to PROVE he or she is INNOCENT. We aren’t living in England!

That is the primary reason that the United States has long been touted as the country with more freedom—we have many freedoms we simply take for granted. One of those is that all defendants are considered innocent until proven guilty.  By looking over carefully at the way the Grace Foundation’s video was presented, the story told, and the attached stories to such video, we would not want to be representing the Grace Foundation.  And by further looking over what attorney for Wells Fargo, Timothy M. Ryan also did, in regard to publicizing the same video and dialogue, we would most definitely not want to be representing HIM at all.   Reason?  We don’t enjoy losing.


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