UEP Egg Group+HSUS ‘Working’ Together-Big Mistake

http://www.unitedegg.org/homeNews/UEP_Press_Release_7-7-11.pdf  Sleeping with the enemy.

After the well known but controversial Prop 2 in CA was passed, which will allegedly force egg producers to move to HSUS mandated certain sized cages or whatever (since it is not clear by the law which passed)…….. the United Egg Producers after taking a legal beating years ago,  by HSUS for not covering their asses, then joined up with the HSUS in an effort to “join ’em” if you can’t beat ’em, apparently.  BIG  mistake. NO ANIMAL HUSBANDRY business should EVER join up with the enemy Animal Rights. In fact  HSUS ARs are the antithesis to agriculture in general.  DUH.

http://www.bovinevetonline.com/news/industry/Walking-on-eggshells-125406623.html   which indicates opposition from OTHER agriculture sections….. We would think that by now both elitists and farmers et al have figured it out.  But apparently not. Some yes. But not all.

In another updated episode, it appears that the ag groups are getting smart and now have announced  adding to the House Farm Bill an amendment aimed at enforcement of the federal Commerce Clause to end  ‘growing confusion’  among states when it comes to livestock and poultry production standards which complicate interstate trade.

The amendment, approved on voice vote, says, “The government of a state or locality therein shall not impose a standard or condition on the production or manufacture of any agricultural product sold or offered for sale in interstate commerce” if the production occurs in another state and follows federal law. Without researching the issue, it would appear that if  production does occur in another state (which is common) then essentially if  state #1 tries to say that all ag products (say eggs)  must adhere to the state #1 law which would affect out of state producers wishing to export their product into State #1— that would be prohibited, where the producer in the other states are already adhering to federal law. Geez, isn’t that what HSUS just did with Prop 2?  Yes.  Exactly.

We have some doubt as to whether this amendment would work legally. Like we said, we have not researched it. But http://nationalaglawcenter.org/assets/bibarticles/lathrop_apples.pdf  may give us some clues.  AND because HSUS is actually in business to REGULATE the very market that they CREATE (say eggs meeting certain “humane” criteria)– it is obvious HSUS wants to make $$$$ in regulating what they set UP.

Well, the interstate commerce clause and dormant commerce clause are rife with tons of case law, and there has always been long standing arguments as to the viability of the commerce clause. Nevertheless, when Prop 2 by HSUS actually passed in CA, the ag people were not organized, nor were they prepared.

HSUS filed 5 lawsuits so they could not allocate certain funding for counter-advertising and after that, they were history.  HSUS Prop 2 forces all CA egg producers to adhere to the HSUS regulations which are pretty vague re chickens. While there is still some time before the actual enforcement takes place, it is obvious that the ag groups have finally realized they simply cannot sit there and let HSUS run their industries.  This shows a lack of awareness prior, but the ag industry caught on and has gotten up to speed in their dislike for HSUS for the most part.

In any event, the CA  legislature then passed AB1437, which stated that ANY producer exporting eggs into CA must meet the same criteria as all of the CA producers must meet, supposedly then leveling the playing field for the CA egg producers in competing against the out of state producers.  Essentially this all means that the eggs will cost more to buy in CA than elsewhere, and that fewer companies will send eggs to CA because they would make less money.

NOW– why would any egg producer group WANT to work with an AR group that is AGAINST THE VERY PRODUCT YOU SELL being sold for food? HSUS is a vegan enterprise which preys upon those who are not vegan.  You have to be an idiot to think that “working” with vegan ARs will benefit you.  No brains. IT MEANS YOU DON’T HAVE A CLUE AS TO HOW HSUS OPERATES.



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