HSUS Involved in Bully Rescue? Why Not Ask for the Devil?

We wouldn’t necessarily believe anything HSUS says about this……

We would actually be more worried about HSUS making up lies about what they did with the dogs and what really happened………we don’t believe the refuge owner purposely hurt or killed any dogs. Our opinion. If Katrina and countless other raids by HSUS are any gauge at all, HSUS is far more the problem.

(The Texas story is down below the dog picture)
This shows HSUS charges for “dogfightin’ by rabid AR HSUS– got all dogs killed but
can’t prove they were fightin’ dogs……….TYPICAL……OF ….HSUS…People–know the truth, HSUS hates “pitbull” generic lookin’ pitbull, could be a pitbull- might be a pitbull- should be a pitbull——that they would KILL all of them if they could, in one fell swoop. Many people do not believe that ANY “pitbull” (which isn’t even a breed)  deserves to live. Based soley on genetic heritage. Final answer…. Hmmm sounds racist to us!
http://sentencing.typepad.com/sentencing_law_and_policy/files/amici_brief_in_vick_sentencing.pdf   Here  in the Vick case, Spindletop is named as a long standing rehab group, well known for taking dogs and working with them.

Allegedly a former worker stated that maybe 35-37 dogs perished due to ventilation issue (malfunction?) and that he says he turned in and reported the case. Of course we are just stating what someone else reported in the media, and it could be wrong since we know how the stories always get twisted. Even if puppies were found does not mean necessarily “they were breeding” dogs.  But we still stand by our view that if HSUS reports the story and gets involved, the truth does not come out correctly when HSUS reports it in our view and we do not trust HSUS to tell the truth ever.

After all, HSUS told Denver, Colorado that DNA testing for pitbulls is 100% accurate.

HSUS drafted Louisiana law where suspected “pitbull” dogs sold for suspected fighting purposes can be systemically killed instantly as CONTRABAND without proving that such alleged dogs are in fact sold for such purposes.  Probable cause via affidavit is sufficient to kill them without more.

In CA HSUS is sponsoring a new law that if a warrant is used in seizure, that would eliminate the post seizure hearing  requirement, currently in place. Meaning that probable cause then will carry the day and even if your warrant is not legit, you are fried– and no post seizure hearing!  Exigent circumstances should still carry the post seizure hearing.

Never, never, never trust anything HSUS says or does!!!!   Raid or no raid!!!!

HSUS has no idea on how to evaluate dogs. HSUS pretends they are the animal police, the shelter police, and the KARMA police.  HSUS simply usually RAIDS anyone who has more than several dogs, usually generic pitbull, or small breeds, slams the media, takes donations, hires someone to pimp off their story (think Vick) and then off to Best Friends to sell the small ones, or kill the big ones.  It has always been that way.


People across the United States are concerned and frantic for answers. A Facebook page has been created called Victims of Spindletop Raid.


Dog Rescuers Shocked and Worried after Spindletop Dog Refuge Raid

Bella: just one of many Spindletop dogs whose fate is unknown.

Dog rescuers throughout the country are worrying today over the fates of dogs they placed at the Spindletop Refuge in Willis, where authorities sayhundreds of dogs were found living in their own waste in cramped, stacked crates, near a mass grave with an unknown number of bodies.The 298 dogs seized Tuesday night by Montgomery and Harris county law enforcement, as well as the Humane Society of the United States, are being evaluated at an undisclosed location, HSUS Texas State Director Katie Jarl told local reporters. Opened by Leah Purcell in 1985, Spindletop earned respect from those in the animal rescue community nationwide, especially for Purcell’s work in rehabilitating and placing pitbulls. Spindletop Refuge was listed as a “friend of the court” in the notorious Michael Vick dog-fighting scandal in 2007. While Purcell wasn’t a part of the proceedings, the court filing stated that she has “been qualified as an expert witness on [pit bulls] in several court cases, and courts nationwide have entrusted the care of seized dogs to Spindletop.”

Purcell and her attorney, Zandra Anderson, declined to comment for this story.

An Austin woman named Marisa (she asked us not to use her last name) created aFacebook page earlier today to coordinate efforts among rescue groups and individuals who’ve boarded dogs for adoption at Spindletop. Marisa said she placed a two-year-old pit sat Spindletop about four weeks ago, and saw no signs of neglect or cruelty.

She said she researched Spindletop for weeks before placing Bella, who she fostered for eight months after being rescued from a Los Angeles shelter the day before she was to be euthanized. She said she paid $750 to board Bella.

“I called her a couple times a week and checked on Bella, and I just feel like…all of us that have dropped our dogs or foster animals there were completely fooled,” Marisa said. “And I feel like an asshole and an idiot, and I feel horrible — but I mean, I did the research I could and felt really good about leaving her there. I bragged about it to people because I thought it was such an amazing ranch.”

Hundreds of others thought so too, especially in the wake of hurricanes Rita, Ike and Katrina, when Spindletop was able to take in displaced and forgotten dogs. Purcell issued pleas for donations after Spindletop was damaged in hurricanes and Tropical Storm Allison.

But the refuge also suffered during floods in February and March, according to an Examiner.com report by animal welfare advocate Cindy Marabito. The report includes a statement by Purcell that “We have lost a lot of supplies including food for the animals, equipment to maintain a safe environment for the animals, damages to buildings, and most importantly, we are needing to raise the kennel an additional two feet with a concrete barrier….This is a dire situation and your help is needed immediately!”

The remains of five dogs were pulled from the collective grave on the property, but Jarl told Hair Balls that “We have information that there were many more dogs buried in that same spot.” Based on the advanced state of decomposition, it appears the dogs may have been buried for about a month, she said.

As for the living dogs, Jarl said, some were covered in feces, and “the cages were incredibly overcrowded into spaces where the ammonia levels were so high that it almost our investigators right off their feet,” Jarl said. “…I went into one of the houses and even with the mask on, I still couldn’t breathe.”

Many of the cages were shut tight with makeshift accessories, like multiple wires bound around the doors, she said. Some of the dogs were covered in feces

“Some of these dogs, when they walked out of the house…acted shocked just to be on grass,” Jarl said.

However, Jarl added that volunteers at temporary shelters said the dogs “were doing great [and] were really happy last night when they got there,” and were enjoying food and Kong toys donated by Petsmart. (On a side note: how freaking awesome is Petsmart?)

“They were playing and they slept really well,” Jarl said, adding that dogs that have been seized due to these types of horrible conditions bounce back “when you just simply give these dogs…some fresh air and some clean water and some food and some love and some time outside.”

A hearing has been set for Friday at 10:30 a.m. in Precinct 2 Justice of the Peace’s courtroom, 2241 North 1st. Street in Conroe. According to the Victims of Spindletop Raid FB page, anyone who has boarded a dog at Spindletop may claim it in there after the hearing — bring receipts and vaccination records. (Photos would help, too — anything to make it easier on these officials, who will no doubt have their hands full Friday).


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