Vet Holly Cheever Gets Cat Seized, Kills Cat After Client Doesn’t Want to Kill It !

Sunday, July 08, 2012   Courtesy of:

Cat Killer Vet Drops a Dime

Animal Extremist Vet Reports Her  Client to the Cops

Take home message for patient:  “I’m not your friend, and I will kill your cat.”
Think your pet hates the vet now?  Just wait.

Here’s the sequence of events, per the Albany (New York) Times Union:  When the FIV positive cat Guilderland resident Gerard Sagliocca and his sister obtained from a rescue stopped eating, they took the cat to the vet.
The vet recommended euthanasia.  They rejected her recommendation, saying that the much-loved cat gave no indications of distress and had a good quality of life at home.

Sagliocca and his sister took the cat home to the duplex they share.
The vet called the cops.
The cops went to the Sagliocca home, seized the cat and took him back to the vet’s office.

Judge.  Jury.  Executioner.

…………………………………And then the vet killed the cat………………………..
Just like that.

At the vet’s insistence, Sagliocca was then charged with cruelty to animals.  The vet believes Sagliocca belongs in jail, even though the cat lived with his sister and he rarely saw the cat.

In Albany County, New York, animal cruelty is punishable by up to a year in jail and/or a $1000 fine, plus a mandatory ten years as the target of PETA vigilantes and other nut cases, public scorn, discrimination and humiliation through placement of the offender’s home address, photo and other personal information on the county’s brand-new online Animal Abuser Registry.

Remember:  Sagliocca did not injure the cat.  The cat had ample access to food, water, and shelter — along with toys, a loving home and all the other perks of life as a house cat.

Sagliocca’s “crime” centers around a refusal to kill.  Instead, he and his sister wanted to take the cat home.
Criminal intent?  I’m thinking not so much.
Like other crimes, the concept of “cruelty to animals” hinges on the presence of malice.  The person must have made a decision to bring about a prohibited consequence.  In this case, the prohibited consequence would be cruelty to animals.  Accidents and bad outcomes caused by ignorance, or despite our best efforts?  However disturbing, tragic and difficult to accept they may be, they are not criminal.

The cat was already FIV positive when he was adopted, and was cared for to the best of their abilities.  Sagliocca and his sister brought him to a veterinarian when they suspected there was a problem.

I wonder if all those Albany County legislators who voted for that “animal abuser registry” thought the first person listed would be a cat lover whose “crime” revolves around taking a beloved cat to a veterinarian ?

Cheever, 2009 Humane Lobby Day at NY State Capitol.
Photo by HSUS NY State Director Patrick Kwan.

Wrong on so many levels:  Holly Cheever, DVM

Unfortunately for Sagliocca, the vet he and his sister chose is an well-known animal rights extremist.
A vegan who lives on a “farm sanctuary,” in addition to her private veterinary practice in Voorheesville, Holly Cheever is also. . .

. . .the Chair of the HSUS-satellite Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association’sLeadership Council.”

. . .vice president of the New York State Humane Association, an organization responsible for the  “education” of hundreds of New York public servants and law enforcement personnel on animal cruelty.

. . .a veteran militant in the drive to ban carriage horses from the streets of New York City.

. . .an advocate for the summary death of other cats in a hospice with “active feline AIDS.”

. . .the author of a treatise attributing moral dilemmas on the order of  “Sophie’s Choice” to a Swiss Brown cow.

. . . an apologist for a regrettable instance of an animal control officer forced to shoot a dog menacing livestock on the grounds that, after all, “Siberian huskies are wonderful dogs, but the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention lists them as the breed fourth-most responsible for dog-bite fatalities.”   [and Cheever, I don’t have your alleged “30 years of animal cruelty expertise” but I am willing to bet that even if huskies are not the sensitive souls that you believe Swiss Brown cows are, they still know the difference between a goat and a human being.]

Cheever opposes animal ownership, and is an outspoken critic of animal agriculture.  [read lots more on  !!]


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