What People Don’t Know about HSUS’ Deception for $$$$

It seems  90% of the public doesn’t understand Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and that is DUE to the wonderful emotional propaganda advertising done by HSUS who hires the very expensive ad agencies to design their eye candy, videos, stories, movie star thread stories, all in the name of HSUS saves “animals.”  Sorry folks, not the case.

What HSUS never states, and won’t tell the public…….. is this:

HSUS is recognized by AMERICAN LAW FIRMS as “Animal Rights”

HSUS is comprised of many former PETA workers

HSUS is charged with Racketeering (RICO) in the Federal case involving circus elephants and has been held to answer to same just recently, despite their opposition.  Racketeering is usually considering a criminal offense but can be charged civilly as well.

HSUS only got to its current $$$ station by conglomerating with other AR groups right before they took the Katrina donation money that they can never (to this day) account for…$34million taken in, only $7million accounted for………do the math

HSUS does not actually believe in no kill, TNR, fostering, rescuing and saving. BUT they USE the plight of  pathetic shelter animals as a ruse to gain funding.

HSUS is heavily linked politically, and they have known significant pull with the government

HSUS believes animals are not property under the law as evidenced by all the anti animal laws they pass in the states (re pets, not wildlife)  HSUS uses the disasters, seizures, tornadoes, p-mills, commercial kennels, pet stores, breeders, sellers, farms, animal groups that are not against breeding of animals—- as  fundraising vehicles. HSUS wants pet stores shut down, breeding shut down, selling shut down. HSUS law in CA states that selling an animal outside in public makes one an animal abuser, SB917. However if one is a rescue or pound then you are innocent.

HSUS and shelters:   If a shelter has some sick animals, HSUS can be called to assess it, and invariably, HSUS charges $50,000 to tell the shelter to “kill animals as quickly as you can so they won’t get sick” or “euthanize in one fell swoop every animal because too many are sick” or kill all animals there longer than 4 days, or as fast as the law allows”………and why would they say this?  Because HSUS does not believe in saving pets.  HSUS believes that killing them fast is the greatest answer in the world, that rescuing stresses them out.

HSUS is a lobbying corporation which claims it has a non profit status.  It is currently being investigated by the IRS for excessive lobbying.

HSUS has long made its stance known on bully type dogs, pitbulls and breeds that resemble bullies.  HSUS has the largest RAID TEAM in the USA which was put together on purpose to target fightin’ dogs…they teach police officers these things……..HSUS offers $5000 rewards to snitches for finding such dogs. For finding the owners, buyers, sellers.  Same for undercover operations for farms, kennels.

HSUS publicly stated Michael Vick’s dogs should all be summarily killed.

But you don’t have to believe us, go look at Nathan Winograd’s blog, Nathan is a Stanford grad, former District Attorney, and he has long outed the HSUS, ASPCA, Best Friends, and many others.  Nathan does not lie, and we do not lie.  We have no reason to lie.  The simple truth is that Animal Rights MUST LIE to the public in order to deceive.  The deception is key because they target emotional females,  those who are all emotion and no brain.  Thus the  emotional propaganda deception works well. (3/4-7/8 or more of ARs are white  females) We have a complete article on this at top of the page entitled HSUS Propangada Tactics.   Again, it is logical, true, and not false data.


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