Spindletop bullies 7-20-12 Hearing Update



Filed Fri, Jul 20, 2012 by Scott Engle

430pm-Moments ago an agreement was made between Montgomery County and Spindletop. Ms. Purcel will be allowed to keep eleven of the non-pit bulls that she has proven as her own. As vets continue to evaluate the dogs Constable Holifield will start the process of locating owners and begin a process or returning them to the rightful owners.

He said no dog will be destroyed and asked people to be patient.

Additional details shortly.

Filed Fri, Jul 20, 2012 by Scott Engle (earlier)

Moments ago they announced they were going to take a recess in the courtroom and return later this afternoon. Most of the some fifty people that attended the hearing this morning left empty handed. The hearing had never been moved to the courtroom as they had been going through pre-trial motions most of the morning.

Constable Tim Holifield announced to the group, some from as far away as Austin, San Antonio and Dallas that no dogs would be released today as a determination had not yet been made to complete the transfer legally to the county. He explained once that was done they would start attempting to match dogs with owners.

Most of the owners attending today held up photos of their dogs in hopes officials may see them.

As of Thursday night not even half of the 298 dogs had been evaluated. Constable Holifield said first the dogs would be evaluated and identified. Of the sixty dogs at this point that chips were found in only two had been identified. Officials warned yesterday the when you chip a dog don’t go for the lowest price as it could mean the dog was chipped but was never registered. Another issue is the chips coming back to shelters or former owners. They advised the best way to find if your dog is registered is to call the chip manufacturer and give them the chip number. See if they have the information.

Of the many that attended this morning most understood the time it will take to identify the animals. Another issue Constable Holifield explained was it Spindletop appealed the order, it could mean another thirty days before anything could legally be done with the dogs.

Many this morning explained they had a long relationship with Purcel and Spindletop. Most were paying $750 a quarter to board and evaluate the dogs. Most said when they viewed the property it was very nice and clean. But they also said they were restricted to the area of the front of the small house and nowhere else on the property. They said one of the building close to the front was closed as they were told it housed aggressive animals.

Due to the additional time and the weekend coming on any additional food, Kongs, peanut butter, would be welcomed at the Montgomery County Animal Shelter on SH 242.

Additional details will be posted later today as they happen and video will be posted within the hour.



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