Grace Fdn Attorney Now Claims Horses “Abandoned”?

In a remarkable reversal of thought, the Grace Foundation’s “new” attorney in Sacramento is now attempting to notify every  district attorney, County Counsel, sheriff, Board of Supervisors, U.S. Senators CA, U.S. Congressman, U.S. Assemblymember (El Dorado Co), District Attorney, county counsel, sheriff (Lassen County) and U.S. senators CA, Lassen county, plus attorneys for all parties, that The Grace Foundation “is no longer able to provide food and veterinary care to the 46 horses…[a]nd as of August 3, 2012, the Foundation WILL NO LONGER PROVIDE FOOD AND CARE FOR THEM.

Does this seem inconsistent to anyone?

Amazingly, the Sacramento counsel is only representing Grace in their “business” matters, not the lawsuit? Would a business attorney publicly state that a horse rescue, given temporary custodial care of horses, is going to abandon them on 2 days’ notice?  Unbelievable. On the Grace site, they are still trying to raise funds. Notice they admit to raising nearly $38,000 last month. “The cost of their care is now totaling $50,000/month! Grace raised almost $38,000 for the Susanville 48 last month! That’s 76% of our monthly goal. With your help we can do even better this month! We are asking everyone to donate $1 per horse, that’s just $48, to help us raise the money to care for them this month.” 

But according to the email sent out to nearly 30 parties (such as noted above) by Grace’s business attorney, it states …these horses are in imminent danger of no longer being cared for as the Foundation resources have been depleted and if not removed in the very near future, the other 150 other animals at the Foundation ranch will also be in imminent danger due to the total depletion of all Foundation resources and its anticipated bankruptcy. That sounds like exigent circumstances to us.


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