Rescuer Killed by Dogs in House–Not Surprised…..

Why are we Not surprised?

In rescuing dogs, it’s never a good idea for dogs (unknown background) to be placed close next to other dogs (unknown or known background) unless safety precautions are in place, and back up plans are set up.  In addition, once there are more than 2 dogs, the dog pack element is there, leading to possibility of highly volatile encounters.

This is to be expected (the pack element) because it’s a known fact that it exists. Thus anyone who is going to have 2 Presas, ptibull, boxer and another dog better know what they are doing.  When we see this type of incident happen, we are almost certain that either one dog went after another dog, or two dogs went after another dog, or the rescuer tried to stop any or all of the aforementioned.  Once this is out of control, the rescuer is at the mercy of whatever number of dogs are there.

You can go online and look for C. Milan where he has a big group of dogs loose, then one gal’s dog starts eyeing another dog, and yep, goes after the other dog and next thing ya know, the dogs pack up and they start to dangerously scuffle with each other. Fortunately Milan and the others were able to pull several dogs off each other and the pack died down, but it was even scary to watch.  We have seen it firsthand in rescue way back in the early days, even without large dogs being involved.  It is an instinct that dogs adhere to, so there is some safety in not having more than 2 dogs in one space. Especially larger dogs, aggressive dogs, and dogs that don’t get along with any dogs.

We are willing to bet that the rescuer was  either pretty clueless as to what she was doing, was negligent, or listened to animal rights too much.  The AR rescuer in Chico, CA,  severely mauled by the rescue dog she hand picked out to save, several years ago,  was one on one with the dog when it went for her throat, arms, and legs. She almost died.  Again, not surprising. You take a dog with tons of battle scars, who fence fights, has lumps everywhere (cancer) and doesn’t like other dogs, then you expect this dog will turn into a great family pet because you’re “nice” to it?  Are you kidding us?  Insanity.


Woman who rescued animals is killed in dog attack

DECATUR, Ga. (AP) — Police outside Atlanta say a college student  who took in abandoned animals was attacked and killed by a dog.

DeKalb County police tell The Atlanta Journal-Constitution( that 23-year-old Rebecca Carey was killed at her Decatur home sometime over the weekend.

Authorities say Carey had five dogs living with her at the time of her death. They included a pit bull she had owned for six years. Other dogs included a boxer mix she had taken in and a Presa, a large Spanish breed. Authorities say she was also dogsitting another Presa for a friend.

The friend discovered her body Sunday afternoon after Carey failed to show up for work at Alpharetta’s Loving Hands Animal Clinic.

DeKalb County police spokeswoman Mekka Parish says all of the dogs were euthanized Wednesday.


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