4H kids, State Fairs…. and PETA, Forcing Slaughter Videos

“Just what this death involves seems to be generally ignored by fair-goers.  It disturbs the magic.”


(YES, this is from an AR blog that covers the crap we love to dislike…)

….”This year, PETA decided to try to educate visitors to the Kansas State Fair (September 7-16, 2012) as to precisely what slaughter can entail for farm animals by setting up its own booth at the fair and showing “Glass Walls,” a documentary on slaughterhouse abuses narrated by Paul McCartney.  The video is graphic, brutal, and depicts the type of animal suffering that most people would prefer to pretend does not exist.   The Kansas Fair Board announced that while PETA could show the video, it must shield it so that only those who specifically choose to watch will see it.  PETA, supported by the ACLU, sued claiming that this requirement essentially amounted to a content based restriction on its free speech rights.”

“On September 4, Judge J. Thomas Martin (District of Kansas) refused PETA’s request for a restraining order blocking the fair’s ability to impose such a restriction, but did not dismiss the suit itself.  The judge seemed to base his decision on a finding that the fair was a limited public forum rather than a public forum where anyone can speak and that the intrusion on PETA’s free speech rights was minimal…”


Let’s face facts folks….there is no pretty way to kill anything. Look at Ingrid’s background. she relentlessly killed, killed, killed, thousands and thousands of shelter animals, over and over and over and she was not doing it for slaughter. She purposely did it in the way she often describes as the best thing you can give a homeless animal, the ultimate release…KILLING…………yet by doing all that killing, on purpose, supposedly to kill in order to “save” we see that Ingrid is a nutcase.  Well, duh.

People that become immune to killing is because the brain shuts off.  It is not exactly an everyday ocurrence, and why should anyone WANT to watch slaughtering of anything simply because it EXISTS?  It’s not like food slaughter is for fun and games, or to engage in some Satanic ritual, or to do it just because someone wants to tear up some carcass, or someone wants to engage in torture. We are talking about a practice that involves slaughter for food, not fun.

Why is it even an issue?  Because PETA raises $$$ from getting people who cringe if they see things killed, into their little hands, by turning them into Peta=philes, who then join ranks with Peta or other like groups, and become free spokespersons who go on to perform the Peta mantra of better dead than fed, no pets for people, no selling of animals, no caging of animals, etc, etc.  For that matter, people could be forced to walk by the Right to Life videos, they could be forced to walk by videos on huge screens showing abortions, awful surgeries cutting off limbs, throwing out body parts; why in fact, why not show complete mortuary procedures to the open public, including enbalming, removal of organs, dead people on slabs with their organs in steel tubs?

All of these things EXIST–but we don’t force people to watch them at fairs or at funerals, or at dog shows?   WHY do we not see these things being done even though they all exist?  WHY does a group like Peta get to force people to have to walk by a table and view their films/videos if they are not interested in watching slaughter?

Why is it any different if we put some medical EMT or CHP videos showing killings of people with their heads cut off,  or maybe some drug cartel dismembered bodies on the huge screen? Just because something EXISTS does not mean it is appropriate nor  sane to keep bringing it to market to show every living soul– and that’s just common sense. Peta has NO common sense and thus attracts those that are either lost, mentally on the edge, or can’t  discern reality from nonsense.

If we set up a death camp video, torture and dismemberment, and drug cartel hatchet pictures, there would be people that would indeed, flock to see such things. Then if we set up a booth with a Jumbotron and you couldn’t miss seeing it, would that be cool and appropriate for Fair patrons?  Should we put it inside the building next to the Don’t Do Drug booths so kids won’t do drugs?  Or should we set up the embalming videos and how to make dead people look good for caskets next to the casket sales and  the living will and Do Your Own Medical Directive Booth?

Folks– what is so asinine about the AR wing nuts is that they don’t care about anyone or anything that isn’t within their selfish circle of lifestyle beliefs.  They could care less if it is not appropriate, if it causes harm to anyone’s family, or if it causes upheaval in economics or business.  They care ONLY about their aim to worship animals as higher than people, to get rid of humans in general, and to make sure no humans can control animals.  That explains why Peta-philes flag off animals, and animal owners on advertising new homes for animals, it explains why they want no one to own a puppy, buy a puppy or sell one.  It explains the obvious lifestyle belief that they hold as superior to others, while completely disrespecting others, but expecting others to bow down to their beliefs, and having to watch or even have to see one picture of something being killed—just because it is not something most people would want to watch (not that killing is not popular in society, it is very popular obviously.)

Unfortunately, this type of controversy makes the news but will tend to gain the attention of misguided kids with issues. Kids that are mental drifters, or kids that have something lacking, most kids who can tell when something is normal is not going to run up to some video and want to watch slaughter videos. And if a kid becomes mesmerized by such videos, watch out.  If anything, one would think that encouraging something like this would increase abuse to animals, since ARs always claim that “abusers” usually start with abuse on “animals first” before going to killing humans?  If that was actually proven, then why not force all kids to watch slaughter videos and after a few years, have the police keep tabs on them to see if they become abusers of  humans?

There will always be some type of morbid interest in death, slaughter, torture and the like. But for any group to insist they have legal rights to thrust it directly in everyone’s face at the State Fair is not a clever ploy. To ask a Federal Court for Constitutional Rights for Whales is not only insane, but indicates a distinct lack of common sense and a huge waste of court time, and resources. To even FILE something so stupid says a lot about the group that files it, and it says even more about the attorney who did it.

It just proves that even some attorneys are idiots.


2 thoughts on “4H kids, State Fairs…. and PETA, Forcing Slaughter Videos

  1. Loved your article about AR extremists. It’s nice to know someone sees through them and what they are actually about. Now check out HSUS. They need to be exposed as well. Thanks

  2. there is no beautiful way to kill for food no matter what, but if one wants to
    eat meat, and doesn’t force others to do so, it’s a free country. for some people

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