AR Attys Working To Change Animals Into Legal Persons

As we had previously stated some time ago, most of the new attorneys in animal law have taken animal law in law school, and likely used the animal law textbook, “Animal Law Cases and Materials” by Sonia Waisman, Pamela Frasch and Bruce Wagman.

When you get people like this, most of whom are probably part of the ABA animal Law Committee , then you understand that this: (Info on Animal rescue/shelters from the ABA Symposium  —-   is going to be biased in the AR favor because the majority of the listed attorneys are AR people.  Especially Karp. See Karp’s statement near end of  this post, saying that animals should be recognized as legal persons.

Almost never will you see attorneys who defend owners involved with any of this AR animal law stuff.   Why?  Because the AR attorneys only care about the animals, they only work for animals, and they want animals to be NON property.

A very distinct AR belief was published in the Animal Law casebook saying—If indeed the property status of animals were to be abolished, what would be the legal and practical effects on the commercial use of animals, what would happen to the animals—


Notice there are only 3 choices and all 3 choices mean the same thing.  Sanctuary= dead, no breeding.  Sterilized=no breeding   Extinct=dead.   How difficult is that to understand?   It’s not difficult. That is what they teach new law students.  We are sure in their NEWER updated edition, they will be showing evidence that CA has a law where “non profits” can sell and give away animals outside, but no one else can, because it’s animal abuse.  They will put in data on new animal laws and cases where any Plaintiff won emotional distress damages (such as recently in CA)……  and they will continue to harp on and on that animals are not animals but are something else.   Yeah, yeah, yeah. (excerpt below)   …..notice that all in BLUE are AR people/groups—and they donate to the ABA group…..

“The ABA Annual Meeting in Chicago this past August was a great success for the ALC. On Friday morning, July 31, 2009 the ALC co-sponsored a 90-minute CLE program entitled “The Supreme Court and the Ownership of Life: An Oral Argument. This moot court was designed to explore what would happen should the issue of the patenting of sentient life forms, which currently happens quite frequently in the United States, reach the United States Supreme Court. With two outstanding advocates arguing their case before four distinguished judges the program was interesting and educational.”

“On Saturday afternoon, August 1, 2009, Joyce Tischler, co-founder and General Counsel of the Animal Legal Defense Fund and an active ALC member was awarded the Excellence in Animal Law Award and Rebecca Huss was recognized for her outstanding work as the special guardian for the Vick dogs. As you all know, those dogs are doing great in their new homes or safe havens. We are grateful to Safe Humane Chicago, Best Friends Animal Society, and Animal Farm Foundation for their generous support in sponsoring the reception.”

“The meeting culminated for the ALC on Sunday morning, August 2, 2009, when Ledy Van Kavage, Rebecca Huss, Mariann Sullivan, and I attended Chicago�s Dog Day on the Green. Thanks to Ledy Van Kavage, Best Friends Animal Society, and Safe Humane Chicago, we were invited to join in the festivities to chat with pets and their owners about animals and the law. It was a very fun event and the weather was purrrrfect!”


Article,  from the ABA Journal, 2010, about:


Animal Protection Attorneys Are Pushing the Law to Treat Animals More Like Humans

…..”Some animal protection activists are pushing for laws that would extend rights and protections to animals that have been, up to now, reserved for humans.”

“Animals are closer to us than an inanimate object that we use as a tool for everyday living,” says Adam P. Karp, an attorney in Bellingham, Wash., who devotes his practice to cases involving animals. “The law should recognize animals as legal persons with the same access to justice.”

So if anyone EVER doubted that AR attorneys were NOT doing just that, HERE is the evidence.  They are doing it, have been doing it, and will continue to do it.

More proof that there’s a sucker born every minute– or shall we say, those who have been led by the Propaganda Machine aka as Animal Rights Sucking Up People’s $$$$$$$ for their Vegan Belief Lifestyle? Where SEIZURE is done for fun and profit by groups that will use such seizure as their MARKETING PLOYS? LOBBYING FODDER?  IRS WRITE OFFS? ELIMINATION OF COMMERCE?;_ylt=A2KJjajYUG9Q4z8AVYYhmolQ 

“That is where Cars Helping Pets comes in. They are a nonprofit organization who supports the ones who do not have a voice. They are standing up for all the innocent animals that have been drawn to whine and whimper from the horrendous abuse from their owners. They are supplying well known organizations such as the Humane Society and SPCA with funding to rescue neglected and abused animals. “

“That is where your generous car donation comes in. Please help us help animals. If you do not have a car to donate, be an advocate of proper animal care. Never ignore acts of animal cruelty. Report any suspicious activities in your neighborhood that might be considered abuse on animals. Remember; just because they can not talk, does not mean that we can selfishly abuse their bodies. Animals have feelings too! ”

“I have been dreaming of helping animals since I was a child. Your help will keep my dream alive of helping end animal abuse. It also will keep many animals alive! Stay tuned for many more updates from Cars Helping Pets and our beloved network of people that care about animals!”

List of Animal Shelters That Received Donations From Cars Helping Pets:

1. Animal Charities of America

2. Dogs of the Deaf & Disabled

3. Humane Society of America

4. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)

5. Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA)

6. World Wildlife Fund

– Wayne Tills


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